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Former Zynga Security Head Puhlmann Joins Endgame as CTO

Nils Puhlmann, former Zynga chief security officer, is joining security solutions provider Endgame — best name ever — as CTO. The Arlington, Va.-based Endgame is backed by venture investors, including Kleiner Perkins and Bessemer Venture Partners, with about $54 million in funding. Before departing in 2012, Puhlmann was at Zynga for several years managing all security issues for the online gaming company.

You Won’t Believe These Before-and-After Images of Sandy’s Damage

And more are coming this week.

Some Tips for Staying in Touch During Hurricane Sandy

That old landline phone you refused to get rid of may come in handy right about now.


Virginia Voting Machines Have “Vulnerability” to Wireless Sabotage

In this November’s presidential election, Virginia voters will cast ballots on machines that use wireless technology state lawmakers barred five years ago to protect voting machines from hackers.

Microsoft Explains Last Week’s Azure Outage: Whoops!

Add network-safety valves to the list of things to check and double-check next time we add capacity.

Want Gigabit Internet? You Don’t Have to Move to Kansas City.

But you probably will have to move.
Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee Sign

Weekend Lightning Stung Amazon and Instagram Right Where It Hurts

Also? Instagram apparently wants to forget it ever happened.

Storm Knocks Out Amazon’s Power, Taking Down Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest

A deadly storm knocks out power at Amazon’s cloud data center, marking the second major service outage in as many years.

Obama: Don’t Worry Internet, I Got Your Back on That SOPA Thing

The White House signals that it doesn’t like the controversial SOPA bill. Here’s one writer who’s not the least bit surprised.
Barack Obama Mac Laptop

Remedy Health Media Acquires HealthCentral

Remedy Health, a New York-based health information company, has bought HealthCentral, a start-up that offers online clinical and patient tools, community and content in a variety of topic areas.
Health Central logo-feature

Password Manager LastPass Acquires Xmarks