Yahoo Tumblrs for Cool: Board Approves $1.1 Billion Deal as Expected

Done (just like we said).

Facebook Wants You to Vote on Whether You Should Be Allowed to Vote

Voting is a privilege, not a right. Except on Facebook, where it may soon be neither.


Facebook Moving Away From Voting Scheme

A Facebook experiment in democracy is fading.

Viral Video: Nate Silver Declared President of United States of Pollsters

Apparently, every Obama poll had a Silver lining.

This Election Day, I’m Axing My Loudmouthed Facebook Friends. Are You? (Poll)

Has social media made Election 2012 better or worse? I vote worse.

Juror Recounts Deliberations That Brought Big Apple Win

Just minutes after the nine jurors in the Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. patent trial began deliberating last week, they were stuck. It was seven “yes” votes to two “no” votes on the first question they faced: Whether Samsung violated an Apple patent related to the bounceback action a touch-screen makes.

News Byte

House Approves Revised Crowdfunding Bill, Sends It to Obama

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed with a vote of 380-41 a final version of the JOBS Act, revised to conform with the Senate version. The new bill reduces the amount that unaccredited investors are allowed to contribute to “crowdfunding” for small companies. It also pushes the maximum number of shareholders a private company can have without falling under financial reporting regulations to 2,000, from 500.

ISS Calls for Apple CEO Succession Plan