Did Stuxnet Actually Improve Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities?

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

China Sees Cyberwar as Reducing U.S. Advantage in Future Conflict

A new Pentagon report outlines the latest understanding of China’s stance on digital warfare and espionage.

Six Questions for Sid Meier, Creator of Civilization Franchise and Mobile-First Ace Patrol

The strategy game titan talks simple versus complex games on mobile, the future of multiplayer, leading a small team and how his “bread and butter” — PCs — fit into the equation.

Why America Is Really Worried About Huawei

As a deft practitioner of the black arts of cyber surveillance, espionage and warfare, the U.S. intelligence community knows all too well what China’s Huawei might be capable of.

WikiLeaks Under Threat

If Bradley Manning really did as he is accused, he is a hero, an example to us all and one of the world’s foremost political prisoners.

Julian Assange, speaking at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Meet Gauss, the Latest Weapon in the Unfolding U.S.-Israeli Cyberwar

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs say a new worm seems aimed at customers of financial institutions in Lebanon.

2012: Siri Is a Stunner, Amazon Is Amazin’ and Security Gets Spendy

Tech prognosticator Mark Anderson is back in New York with his annual predictions for the world of tech in 2012.

Here’s Gowalla CEO’s Non-Denial Denial Email to Investors About Facebook Acquisition

Let’s put this one in the “done” column, shall we?

Terror-Fighting Start-Up Palantir Technologies Just Raised $68 Million — But From Whom?

An SEC filing shows the secretive data analytics firm has been busy raising money. Again.

Cyberwar: It’s Not Just Fiction Anymore

After surviving numerous devastating wars throughout history, humanity is well acquainted with war in the physical realm. But we’re still unfamiliar with the concept of cyberwar, except perhaps in movie thrillers. That’s all about to change.

Beijing: “Google is Not God”