Taking a Cue From “House of Cards,” Machinima Releases Its Next “Mortal Kombat” Series All at Once on YouTube

Machinima to gamers on YouTube: Get over here and binge.

Amazon Tries Breaking From the Streaming-Video Pack With Offline Viewing for New Kindles

A new line of tablets lets you watch streaming video, even when you can’t stream.

Harry Potter and the Astonishing iTunes Price Mix-Up

Every Harry Potter movie ever made, for $10? Too good to be true!

Machinima Wants a Mega-Round. Who Wants to Invest in a YouTube Giant?

It’s one of the biggest players on the world’s biggest video site. How much is that worth?
halo machinima

Kickstarter: We Don’t Have Anything Against Celebrity Projects (cc: Zach Braff)

The founders of Kickstarter today rallied behind celebrities who have been criticized for hijacking their open platform to serve a more privileged cause.
Kickstarter Braff

Why Netflix Money May Be Expensive for Viacom

Why watch “SpongeBob” on TV, with commercials, when you can see it whenever you want on the Web, ad-free?

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Time Warner Names Kevin Tsujihara Warner Bros. CEO

A big surprise in Hollywood: Kevin Tsujihara, the head of Warner Bros.’ home-video unit, will become the studio’s next CEO. Parent company Time Warner had been conducting a three-man contest for the spot for some time, but conventional wisdom gave Tsujihara low odds for the job. During his tenure, Tsujihara has been an aggressive proponent of digital initiatives like UltraViolet.

Time Warner Cashes Another Check From the Albanian Army

It was fun for Jeff Bewkes to tease Netflix a couple years ago. But now he’s happy to take Reed Hastings’s money.

Walmart’s Cloud Movie Service Shapes Up

“Disc to digital” didn’t make much sense last year, but the retailer is making some key improvements.

Amazon Adds a Couple More Time Warner Streaming Shows You Can’t See on Netflix

Jeff Bezos ponies up for “The Closer” and “Falling Skies.”
the closer