Dear Internet: Where Should I Live?

The economy has altered the American dream of owning homes, cars and white picket fences. Here are three sites for the perpetually moving.


U.S. Products Help Block Mideast Web

As Middle East regimes try to stifle dissent by censoring the Internet, the U.S. faces an uncomfortable reality: American companies provide much of the technology used to block websites.

Trying to Define the Opportunity for Commerce on Facebook

Adgregate Markets, which helps brands build storefronts on Facebook, has conducted a study to help define the opportunity for social commerce.

Verizon’s iPhone Sales So Amazing They Can’t Even Put a Number On It

The company says it sold more phones in the first two hours than it had sold in any first-day launch in its history, though it declines to quantify the sales. Rest assured, it puts Kin sales to shame.

The Internet Is Back to Normal in Egypt; the Country, Not So Much

The four major Internet companies in Egypt have turned their connections back on, and its traffic is returning to normal. Though it’s clear that’s not yet true of Egypt itself.

Making the Case for E-Commerce (i.e., Amazon) in 2011 is one of the top picks in e-commerce for the year, mostly because of its dominance, but also because of the opportunities it has going forward in mobile and social networks. Here’s how the two factors play a role as e-commerce revenues are expected to jump by 13 percent in 2011.

Gawkergate Collateral Damage Now Includes the New York Times

In the 10 days or so since hackers purloined account data from the Gawker group of sites, several Web properties have urged users to change any potentially compromised passwords. Today, the New York Times joined the chorus.

Pulse News App for iPad Gets Social

Pulse, the visually engaging mobile news reader, is adding a social element today. To date, Pulse (for iPad, iPhone and Android) gave users an easily scannable and image-driven view of their favorite RSS feeds. Now, users will also be able to add their Facebook accounts and flip through material posted by their friends.

Meebo Foursquarifies the Web with Check-ins

Meebo on Tuesday plans to announce an update to its popular Meebo Bar (which is used on this Web site, and many others, to make it easier for users to share content). The goal is to help users discover new Web sites (kind of like StumbleUpon) and become loyal to them by using a check-in system (kind of like a virtual Foursquare).


Vipshop Bags $20M To Bring Flash Sales To Chinese Consumers

Chinese venture capitalists are buying into the country’s “flash sales” membership-based retail websites, as online shoppers in the country get a taste of steep discounts on the gilded life through offerings from retailers like newly funded start-up Vipshop.