Alec Baldwin Addresses Words With Friends-Gate by Spelling S-N-L (Video)

While hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, Alec Baldwin apologized for the meltdown that resulted in him getting kicked off a plane. Except that it wasn’t much of an apology at all.
Alec Baldwin on SNL

Amazon's Kindle So Cheap You Can Throw It From an Airplane

Amazon’s decision to subsidize the price of the Kindle through the use of advertising makes it one of the cheapest full-priced smartphones or tablets. And at that price, that’s pretty close to disposable.

Weekend Update 5.29.10–The Countdown to Weekend Update D8 Edition

We’re in the final countdown for the D8 conference, which kicks off this Tuesday with Steve Jobs, live and unscripted. The pillows are being fluffed, the furniture arranged and the festive D8 crew bowling shirts distributed. You do not want to miss this. But before we can bring you all the D8 awesomeness, we should, as always, do a little wrap up of what was a fairly wild week in tech news, Weekend Update-style.

Weekend Update 05.22.10–Two, Two, Two Phones in One Edition

This week the valley was abuzz (and certainly not atwitter) with preparations for the Google I/O event that would showcase what the search giant had been up to inside the skunk works. Would it be TV? Video? A tablet? Free phones? Read on for all the news from a big week in the Valley, where it was about way more than Google.

Weekend Update 05.15.10–The Privacy-Schmivacy Edition

It has been a rough week for more than a few tech companies, and all the hubbub seems to be centered around private data in public places. Facebook has taken more than a few on the chin this week, and it wasn’t the only company that committed privacy missteps. Weekend Update is seriously considering sealing all our personal data in a lead-lined jar and burying it in the yard behind AllThingsD HQ. Maybe Kara and the crew can talk a little sense into us.

Weekend Update 05.01.10–The iPhonetoberfest Edition

AllThingsD was back in full force this week, for the first time since before a certain volcano erupted all over the European transportation industry. We made the most of it, with a full stein of doppel-hopped awesomeness just for our readers.

Weekend Update 04.24.10–The Maltese Falcon Edition

The major story that unfolded in Silicon Valley this third week in April was fit for the silver screen. The divine screenwriter collected a cast featuring Baron VonJobs, Denton and his Gizmodo goons, and one well meaning–if tragically unlucky–software developer. Laws may have been violated, bribes were paid, and all over the seemingly golden prize that, let’s face it, we all would have seen in eight weeks anyway.

Weekend Update 04.17.10–-The Power-Play Edition

AllThingsD was re-enacting its own Stanley Cup playoff situation this week as team captain Kara kept us going strong even while she had a man in the box. John Paczkowski was still out when East Coast defender Peter Kafka got the whistle from his wife that it was time to bring another little media man into the world. That left Kara alone on the ice here, but she shifted into a whole new gear and AllThingsD didn’t miss a beat.

Weekend Update 04.10.10–The Afterglow Edition

The tech media were catching up on sleep this week after all that iPad build up. It was years of speculation, of rumor mills and photoshopped images. This week, finally, at long last, we all got our hands on one of these little guys and now we can stop talking about it. Right.

Weekend Update 12.13.09–A New Hope