An iPad That’s Mini in Screen Size Only

Apple’s new iPad mini has the same screen resolution and chip for faster processing as the iPad Air.
iPad Mini

Media Device Stores and Shares Well With Others

SanDisk’s Connect Wireless Media Device may relieve some of your devices’ storage burden and could serve as a media-sharing godsend on a long car trip.

A Tablet Good for Living Room, Bag and Water

Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z’s stylish overall design, screen, fast performance, good camera and noticeably high sound quality make it easy to love, says Katie. Plus, it can run underwater.

At 10, You Still Have Some Tricks, iTunes

For users puzzled over the finer points of iTunes, Katie offers some ways to improve how you use the digital-download source.

A Little Night Reading With Light-Up Devices

Katie tests two touchscreen e-readers with light-up screens: Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Mobile Internet Access — No Strings Attached

NetZero, known for offering free dial-up access in exchange for watching ads, is back and is applying its budget-conscious approach to mobile broadband.

Two Joysticks to Beat Smartphones at Games

Sony’s PS Vita tries to offer almost everything, but game-focused features are still what PlayStation does best.

A Kindle Swipes Fine, but Still Hooked on a Nook

A head-to-head comparison of the new Amazon Kindle Touch and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch.
Amazon Kindle

A Gadget for the Home Learns by Degrees

Katie tests the Nest from iPod inventor Tony Fadell’s Nest Labs. Welcome to a thermostat that learns.

Judging E-Readers by Their Book Readability

If you’re heading to the beach this summer and you plan to read an e-book, you won’t want to take your iPad. Luckily, the latest versions of the Nook and the Kindle offer glare-free screens and other reader-friendly functions.

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