Sony’s SmartWatch Not Ready for Primetime

The wearable device pairs with some Android smartphones to send notifications and snippets of info straight to the watch.

Collecta: Another Real-time Search Engine Bites the Dust

Los Angeles-based start-up Collecta has shuttered its real-time search business, including a destination site, API and publisher widgets. The company follows OneRiot, Ellerdale and other competitors that have hightailed away from indexing status updates from social services, which a couple of years ago had seemed like an enormous opportunity.

Topsy Hands Out Real-Time Search Widgets

Real-time search engine Topsy today is launching customizable widgets for publishers to display topical tweets.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like a GeekPhone? Sprint’s Android Makeover

While much of the early marketing around Android touted its power and all the ways you could trick out the devices, Sprint has launched a new effort to more easily tailor Android phones to non-techies. Its latest step: A partnership with MTV.

Microsoft’s New Windows Phone 7: Novel But Lacking

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system has a novel and attractive interface, but it lacks key features now common in its rivals’ phones, writes Walt.

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Yahoo Connects With Top European TV Maker

Vestel Group, the largest television manufacturer in Europe, announced today that early next year it would begin turning out Yahoo Connected TVs, bringing widgets, apps and all manner of Internet entertainment into living rooms across the continent.

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Reports: Google Buys Slide for Its Social Gaming Play

According to sources talking to TechCrunch, the New York Times and others, Google has purchased app maker Slide for $182 million (or maybe $228 million) as part of its push (along with its $150 million Zynga investment) into social gaming. Slide, which has chewed through several business models in its five-year history, now makes virtual goods and entertainment widgets for social sites. Neither party has confirmed the deal yet.

A New Scheme to Get Web Surfers to Stay Put: Photos

Thanks for visiting! Hey! Where are you going? That a common refrain for most Web publishers, who see readers stop by their sites for a very brief looksee, then bounce away, drawn by a new link. A new piece of ad technology is supposed to cure that.

Galaxy Phones From Samsung Are Worthy iPhone Rivals

After tests of the T-Mobile Vibrant and the AT&T Captivate, Walt finds they have some attributes the iPhone lacks, like bigger screens and better integration of social networking.

Google Buys LabPixies

Google has acquired its first Israeli company, Web and mobile applications outfit LabPixies. Among the first companies to build gadgets for iGoogle, LabPixies ranks as the personalized homespage service’s top developer.

Web 3.0: The Web

LinkedIn Makes Its Move