Where’s the Intel Sticker?

Walt answers a reader’s question on how to tell if a PC has a new Intel chip if you’re buying online and can’t see the Intel sticker on the box.

The Laptops to Buy

There’s good news for laptop buyers, Walt says: The confusing changes in the sagging laptop industry have settled down enough that now may be the time to buy one.

When You Don’t Want a New Start

Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 will now let users bypass the new Start screen and boot right into the usual Windows desktop. But the setting to do this can be tricky to find.

How Can You Undo an Upgrade to Apple’s New iOS 7?

Walt answers a reader’s question on how to undo an upgrade to Apple’s new iOS 7.

Parallels Access Requirements on Windows

Walt answers readers’ technology questions, such as Parallels Access requirements and the transfer of photo files from a Windows PC to an iPad mini.

Transferring Video to a PC

Walt answers a reader who wants to know how to transfer videotape material to a PC.

What’s the Best Laptop for a College-Bound Student?

Is there a laptop with solid performance that will last all four years? Walt answers readers’ questions.

Transferring Information to a New BlackBerry

Can you transfer emails, calendar entries and memos from older BlackBerrys, like the Bold, to the new Q10?

The Iconia W3: A Windows Tablet Aimed for a Mini Market

With the Iconia W3, an 8-inch tablet that can be easily held with one hand, Acer is making a new attempt to dent the tablet market dominated by Apple’s iPad.

A Windows Laptop With an Apple Price, but Less Juice

Toshiba’s Kirabook is a speedy and reliable machine that’s thin and light without feeling cheap, but not worth the price, says Walt.

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