Letting Go of Gmail

Walt answers readers’ questions on deleting a Gmail account, Roku and transferring files from an old PC to a new one.

At $40, Microsoft Charging Far Less For Windows 8 Than Past Updates

Microsoft is charging $40 for the update when downloaded from its Web site. A boxed copy will cost $70 at retail.

Waiting for Windows 8

Walt answers a reader’s question on whether to wait for Windows 8 before buying a new computer.

Microsoft: Every Current Version of Windows Has a Gaping Hole in It

Ever heard of MHTML? No? Well, Microsoft says Internet Explorer users should turn it off for a while until the company figures out how to fix this latest vulnerability in Windows.

In 4G Race, Verizon Pulls Ahead With Pricey Speed

Verizon Wireless’s new 4G network is “wicked fast” but potentially costly, writes Walt.

Transferring Files to Windows 7, iPad Multitasking and Tablet Alternatives

Walt answers readers’ questions on transferring files to Windows 7, the iPad’s new multi-tasking functions and an alternative tablet to the iPad.

Moving Data to a New PC and Syncing iTunes to Other Smartphones

Walt answers readers’ questions on transferring files and programs to a new PC and syncing iTunes with non-Apple smartphones.

Windows XP Closer to Immortality

Windows XP has been around for nearly a decade. And it will be another decade before it’s finally retired for good. Microsoft has given the OS yet another reprieve.

Microsoft: We’re Selling Seven Copies of Windows 7 a Second

It took nearly a decade, but it appears that Microsoft has finally developed a worthy heir to Windows XP. Evidently, Windows 7 is proving the commercial success that Windows Vista never was.


Windows 7 Users "Very Satisfied," but Consumers Still Love XP

Early adopters of Windows 7 are “very satisfied” with the program, but nearly half of consumers surveyed said they saw no reason to upgrade from Windows XP, according to two reports released Monday by Forrester Research.

VirnetX Sues Microsoft a Second Time

Keeping Files In Sync