Facebook’s General Counsel Ullyot to Depart the Company

The man who stopped the Winklevii leaves the building.

From the Life-Is-Unfair Files: You’re Welcome, Winklevii. Love, Zuck.

That’s right, folks, the rich do get richer, especially if they pursue their case well past the point of shame.

Meet Billy, the Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot and Hung On Sheryl Sandberg’s Wall

What’s worse than getting an unsolicited a poke on Facebook? Getting shot, killed, eaten and having your head mounted on a wall by its famous founder, that’s what!

Videos: Three Best Sessions of Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Feisty is often best at conferences — even when the altitude is making you loopy! Here’s my choice of the breakout hit sessions of this week’s just-concluded Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference.

The Winklevii Didn’t Actually Give Up, They Just Switched to Another Lawsuit

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss may have dropped their fraud lawsuit against Facebook after it lost multiple appeals, but they’re not done yet. The Winklevii on Thursday reopened another lawsuit, over whether Facebook “intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence.”

Another Facebook Movie Coming–But This Time With AOL As Co-Star

You can chillax, Mark Zuckerberg–it’s not “The Social Network 2: The Winklevii Stroke, Stroke, Strooooke Back.” In fact, it’s more like: “You’ve Got Social Network Mail.”

Winklevii Go for Gold, Say They'll Take Facebook Case to the Supreme Court

Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to deny Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’s request to rehear their case versus Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, the twins’ lawyer said they intended to file to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

News Byte

Winklevoss Brothers Shot Down by Court Again

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected (PDF) a request by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to rehear their case against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. The Winklevii had petitioned for an “en banc” hearing, in which eleven judges hear the case rather than the usual three. The usual three had already unanimously rejected the Winklevoss’ claims that their settlement with Facebook be thrown out due to securities fraud. The only step left is the Supreme Court…or returning to a life as millionaires with chips on their shoulders. (Please see the disclosure about Facebook in my ethics statement.)

Winklevii: How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away? (Plus the Full Court Ruling)

It seems Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the Don Quixote twins of the digital age, have tilted at yet another legal windmill unsuccessfully. So now, after losing another court challenge to overturn a previous court challenge, they’ll have to settle for $65 million. Actually, $100 million, which is how much shares in Facebook have appreciated since the pair and also Divya Narendra settled with the social networking giant.

Winklevii Keep the Dream Alive With Media Blitz

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are waiting to see if an appeals court will invalidate their settlement with Facebook, flex their muscles and try to justify their use of the site.

Winklevii Vs. Zuck: Who'd You Rather?

The New Yorker's "Face of Facebook"