Surface Aggression

Renewed aggressiveness from Microsoft could do the whole tech industry a lot of good. iTunes is as bloated and user-hostile as Outlook was in the ’90s.

Anil Dash, on the Surface tablet


The Little ISP That Stood Up to the Government

When Twitter fought a court order for information from the accounts of several WikiLeaks supporters, it was lauded by as having “beta-tested a spine.” The latest entry into the list of companies with a “spine” is tiny Inc., a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based Internet provider with about 36,000 customers.


IPhone Finder's Attorney Speaks

The attorney representing the man who found the iPhone prototype that tech blog Gizmodo posted stories and photos about disclosed his identity as Brian Hogan, a 21-year-old Redwood City, Calif., college student.

Portfolio Lives! Sort Of: Web Site Adopted by Condé Nast’s Corporate Cousin.

Never say never: Condé Nast, which is closing down its Portfolio business magazine, has decided not to turn off the lights at Instead, it is shifting control of the Web site–essentially, the address and a couple years of archived content–over to American City Business Journals, its corporate cousin in the Advance Publications family.

Will Congress Stop the Cable Guys From Charging by the Byte?

More drum-beating from Eric Massa, the Democratic congressman who has decided to make an enemy/example out of Time Warner Cable, which wants to charge its broadband customers based on their Web usage. The New York rep says he’ll introduce a bill that will prevent Time Warner and other pipe providers from “capping” their broadband offerings.

Reddit’s Ad Experiment Is Good News for Condé Nast. Maybe for Digg, Too.

User-generated news aggregators like Reddit are notoriously difficult sites to pitch to advertisers, but Condé Nast may have figured out how to do it. If it works, it could be promising news for Digg, which has a bigger audience but the same problems.

Imeem Asks Big Music for Help; Gets Some, Needs More

The once-buzzy start-up isn’t on life support yet. But it sure could use some help–just like every other Web music player. I can confirm that the company has sought, and received, new terms from some of the big music labels, most notably Universal Music Group. One big label that hasn’t given imeem any concessions yet: Warner Music Group, which owns an equity stake in the company.


Hulu’s Library Obsession

Is more always better? Hulu has expanded its content library considerably since its launch a year ago. The Internet video site has grown from 50 content partners to more than 130 and has nearly 40,000 pieces of video.

Condé Nast Reshuffles Digital; No Layoffs Planned

Condé Nast’s famously Byzantine digital strategy may be getting a little bit easier to understand: The company’s Web operations, which had been splintered into two groups, are getting melded into one, which will be run by Condé digital exec Sarah Chubb.

Condé Nast Web Arm CondéNet’s Turn for “Across the Board” Cuts

Here’s the deal: If you work at a media company that hasn’t had layoffs recently, just go ahead and assume they’re coming. This afternoon’s installment: CondéNet, which manages some but not all of media giant Condé Nast’s Web operations, is cutting staff “across the board.”