Sports Programming Dominates the Living Room

How sports programming is reshaping the TV landscape and driving a new generation of technology.

Mobile Comes to the Rescue as Women’s World Cup Goes into Extra Time

When the Women’s World Cup butts up against theater tickets, AllThingsD‘s Ina Fried turns to a mobile phone to watch as much of the final match as possible.
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On the Web, Bin Laden News Is Big–But Not as Big as Soccer

No question this is one of the biggest news stories in years. Except on the Web, where all of our tweeting and reading and live-streaming about it isn’t generating nearly as much traffic as other big events of the last decade.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Says Company Needs to Unify Its Experience Across Devices

In addition, Costolo announced the company will offer crowdsourced translations of the service into Russian, Turkish and Indonesian. Also doing own translation to Portuguese later this year.


Super Bowl Tweets Didn't Focus on Football

Twitter may be a great way to measure buzz, but what gets buzz might be less easy to direct. Take last Sunday’ Super Bowl, for instance. According to the official Twitter blog, users generated more tweets per second during the game (4,064) than during any other sporting event–topping the old record set during the 2010 summer World Cup.

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You People Were Totally Twittering During the Super Bowl

More fuel for Twitter’s “we work really, really well with big TV events” pitch: News that the service set a new frequency record during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Twitter says users generated a peak of 4,064 tweets per second at the end of the game, eclipsing the old high for televised sports set during last year’s World Cup. But that’s not Twitter’s all-time record, which was set, oddly, in Japan last year on New Year’s Eve.

Twitter Kicks Off Its Super Bowl Site, Using Visa's Money

Twitter + big TV events are a natural combination, and one that Twitter has been playing up as it sells itself to advertisers.

"Hit Me Up" Was Facebook's Breakout Slang in 2010

Other items besides Justin Bieber made it onto Facebook’s list of 2010 trends in status messages. But don’t think for a second that Bieber didn’t earn his spot on yet another year-end roundup.

Shocking Bieber Upset: Oil Spill Tops Twitter's 2010 Trends

Although World Cup tweeting caused record high volume and infrastructure demands on Twitter, the most-discussed topic on Twitter this year was actually the Gulf oil spill, said the San Francisco-based company tonight.


Mobile-TV Push Gets Fuzzy Reception

Chip maker Qualcomm Inc. last week signaled it may give up a costly six-year quest to bring broadcast TV to mobile phones and other devices in the U.S. Not too many people are surprised, however, given the reception for mobile-TV services in the country so far.

Twitter's Slow-Motion Business Plan