WSJ.Com's "Digits": Is Wal-Mart's Future Bright With Kosmix?

Yesterday, from the back of the official All Things Digital minivan, BoomTown donned the official ATD Ray-Ban Aviators to talk on’s “Digits” online news show about the $300 million acquisition of Kosmix by Wal-Mart announced earlier this week. Can the retail giant, which has tried a number of digital moves in years past (to negligible impact), get social and mobile this time?

BoomTown Talks About Privacy and Steve Jobs's Health on's "Digits"!

Here’s a video of an appearance I did this morning on the’s “Digits” online daily tech show about a post I did yesterday titled “Steve Jobs Asks for Privacy–and He Deserves It This Time.” In it, I tried to make the controversial case for why the Apple co-founder and CEO should get some personal space from the endless media frenzy during his medical leave of absence from the company.'s "Digits" Show: Yahoo/Foursquare, Silicon Valley Hiring and More!

Here’s a video of BoomTown’s appearance on Friday on’s “Digits” online tech show. In it, we discuss my post on the machinations over whether Yahoo can get its mitts on social location phenom Foursquare or if venture capitalists can swoop in with a bag of cash. Also on the dock: Tech hiring has returned and tricked-out buoys.

Wham! "Firewire" on's "Digits" Show: Here Comes the iPad, and When Will Twitter Make Money?

BoomTown’s plot to take over the world via honking big Skype headphones is working. Barron’s blogger Eric Savitz and I will be appearing weekly on Fridays on the’s “Digits” daily online tech show, in a segment called “Rapid Firewire.” This week’s topics: Apple, Google, Twitter and Radio Shack.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight: BoomTown and Giant Earphones Talk Apple iPad on's "Digits"

BoomTown and my giant Skype 1980s-style headphones will be making regular appearances on’s daily “Digits” tech show going forward, and here’s the latest video. Besides making musical recommendations from the era–this week, Wang Chung!–and looking like I just rolled out of bed (I did!), I talked with “Digits” geek-lady-in-charge Stacey Delo earlier today about the hype around the April 3 release of the Apple iPad to stores.

The Next Big Thing in Tech: BoomTown Sporting Giant Headphones on's "Digits"

Today, I appeared on the’s daily online show, “Digits,” talking about the “next big thing” in tech, on the 10th anniversary of the tech stock bubble high. Those were the days, my friend, I thought they’d always end. But check out my dated headphones!

One Obvious Question for HTC CEO Peter Chou at D8: How About Them Apple (Patents)?

Before Apple lobbed a patent infringement lawsuit at Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC yesterday, we were lucky to get its CEO, Peter Chou, to agree to appear at the eighth D: All Things Digital conference to talk about its work making smartphones for Google and others. That interview obviously got a whole lot more interesting with the epic legal action by Apple alleging that HTC infringed some 20 patents related to the iPhone’s graphical user interface, underlying architecture and hardware.

Prankster Jason Calacanis Talks About His Apple iPad Hoax (Warning: Cute Baby Alert!)

While in Los Angeles for a brief second on Friday, BoomTown motored over to the Brentwood home of puckish entrepreneur Jason Calacanis to talk to him about his prank tweets the night before the introduction of the iPad last week. On Tuesday night before the much hyped launch of the newest device from Apple, Calacanis let loose with a series of over-the-top posts to Twitter, claiming he was a beta tester for the iPad tablet computer–assertions that some in the mostly mainstream media took too seriously. Was it a jump-the-shark moment for journalism?

HuffPo Needs Ad Dollars. Can Yahoo Sales Vets Deliver?

The political (but not just political!) site has a lot of eyeballs, and now needs revenue to match. That’s up to newish ad boss Greg Coleman, who’s bringing in a group from his old employer in Sunnyvale.

As Traffic Booms, Is HuffPo Ready to Make Some Real Dough?

For the past few months, the Huffington Post has been on a bit of a tear–both in terms of traffic gains and in its hiring of some big talent for key positions. Now, those execs are focusing on using that consumer momentum to achieve what has eluded the Huffington Post thus far: Making some serious bank from the privately held news and media site. Here’s a chat I had with new President and Chief Revenue Officer Greg Coleman about how he is aiming to do just that.

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