What’s Next for GPU Chips? Maybe the Network.

We’re a long way from gaming now.

Aiming to Get Into Smaller Devices, Intel Announces Big Push Into Arduino

The chipmaker’s Galileo development boards will be the first commercial use of Quark, a family of low-end chips that Intel announced last month.
Intel Galileo

Why Larry Ellison and Michael Dell Are Now the Best of Friends

Friendship has its benefits.

Dell Claims Server Share Gains, Calls HP Losses “Staggering”

Punch, counterpunch.

Server Sales Declined a Smidge in Late 2012, but Will Grow a Bit This Year

Europe drags the whole business down.

IBM Slashes Prices on Power Servers, Widens Distribution

A competitive shot against HP and Oracle.

AMD “Exploring Options” Including Breakup, Sale

Get ready, this is going to be complicated.

Will Apple Switch the Mac to ARM? Why the Rumors Do — And Don’t — Ring True.

It could be done. Apple would first have to design chips that are substantially better than what it’s getting from Intel. No small task, that.

What Happens Now in the HP-Oracle Lawsuit Over Itanium?

Oracle lost in court fair and square. And though it plans to appeal, both it and Hewlett-Packard have bigger problems to deal with.

AMD Hires Apple’s Head Chip Designer

Jim Keller designed the original Athlon chips that gave Intel night sweats in the server market a few years ago.

Windows 8 Forces Some Compromises After All

Microsoft talks ARM at CES

Apple COO: Leave AT&T Alone