Don’t Look Now, but the Second Screen Is About to Invade Videogames’ Next Generation

A big-picture look at the small screen’s future with consoles.
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Exclusive: Microsoft’s Xbox Head Don Mattrick Leaving to Take Top Role — Possibly CEO — At Zynga

A very big hire for the troubled online gaming giant.

Xbox Remains Top Console in U.S., but PlayStation’s Strength Is Global

There’s no doubt about Xbox’s strength in the U.S., but internationally, the PlayStation still dominates.

Xbox by the Numbers: 76M Devices, and They’re Not All Used by Dudes

According to Microsoft, 38 percent of Xbox users are women, and more than 51 percent are people who have kids.

American Express Cardholders Can Now Tweet to Buy

American Express has been using social networks to distribute offers for more than a year, but this marks the first time it is selling things.
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Microsoft’s Xbox Blows Wii U’s First-Week Sales Out of the Water

The Xbox 360 sold more than 750,000 consoles in the U.S. last week, easily beating Wii U sales of 400,000.

American Express Now Offering Cardholders Special Deals Via Xbox Live

Maybe there is finally a way for all that time spent playing games to pay off.

Raise Your Hand if You Want More Ads on Your Xbox

Sure, Xbox Live has had ads before, but not like these.

Halo 4 Players Will Get Free Weekly “TV” Episodes on the Xbox

The hugely successful Halo series on the Xbox has spawned tons of other content, like comics and novels. Up next, the developers are experimenting with TV.

A Closer Look at “SmartGlass” With Xbox’s Marc Whitten (Video)

The Microsoft Xbox Live VP demonstrates to AllThingsD how its “SmartGlass” technology will allow Xbox users to operate their mobile phones as a remote control and keyboard for the TV.

Microsoft Phoning In Its Last CES Keynote