Bartz Bails on CES Keynote

Now this is odd: Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has canceled plans to deliver a keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. This not a month after the Consumer Electronics Association boasted of her participation in a press release. The reason for the cancellation: A scheduling conflict.

Not With a Bing, but a Whimper IV

Looks like Bing’s steady upward trend of market share gains may have reversed itself. Microsoft’s new search engine saw its U.S. search share fall in September, according to figures from Hitwise. Troubling news for Microsoft. Hitwise’s latest numbers are the second set of metrics from a Web analytics firm showing Bing’s market share in decline.

Not With a Bing, but a Whimper III

Microsoft’s efforts to bolster Bing’s market share are no longer paying off as well as they have been. After months of slight but steady increases in market share, Bing’s percentage of the search market in the U.S. and abroad fell in September for the first time.

Weekend Update 09.26.09–The Cougar Hunter Edition

Kara was half James Bond, half Indiana Jones in the cities and jungles of BoomTown this week. She jet-setted, jet-lagged and still managed to report on a genuine cougar fight.

Do You, Uh, Y!hoo?

Bing Growing Eight Times Faster Than Google

No doubt about it, more consumers are Googling with Bing. According to the latest stats from research firm Nielsen, Microsoft’s new search engine is growing faster than its arch rival’s–much faster.


“Well, sure. You think I’m stupid?”

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz answers the question, “Would you have taken the Microsoft deal that Yahoo turned down a year ago?”


“The dream of Yahoo as a Silicon Valley giant playing a lead role in one of the fastest growing and most profitable parts of the Internet business is now over.”

— Tradition Capital Management analyst George Kurian

Open Book Alliance Throws Book at Google

The Open Book Alliance–or “Sour Grapes Alliance,” as Google likes to call it–formally launched Wednesday afternoon, debuting a new Web site, as well as the manifesto with which it is challenging Google’s settlement with authors and publishers.

Hopefully, the Yahoo Experience in Arabic Won't Include a "Maktoooooo-ooob!" Yodel

Online ad spending in the Middle East is expected to increase between 35 and 45 percent this year. Little wonder then that Yahoo is pushing hard into the market there. This morning, the company said it is acquiring, an Arabic online portal that boasts some 16 million users.

Google: Satisfaction Guaranteed

More Consumers Googling With Bing

Yahoo Gag Reel

With a Bing, Not a Whimper

Search Market: Same as It Ever Was

The YHOO-MSFT Crap Shoot