Judge Says Oracle Can’t Copyright Java APIs

Naturally, Oracle plans an appeal.

Why Android Updates Are a Mess

Mobile carriers are not evil or stupid. They are capitalists. That often produces behavior that appears to be evil and/or stupid. Depressingly often, in fact. But there’s usually a business reason for that behavior. And those who are arguing the paranoid case are ignoring those business models.

Ed Bott, ZDNet author, in a post entitled Why Android Updates Are a Mess: It’s the Business Model

Viral Video: Rat Fingers, TouchFire and Sphero Demos

Here’s a demo of some cool and quirky gadgets for the holiday season.

Microsoft's "Ventura" Focuses On "Discovery" – Just Like Every Other Digital Media Service

Yes, Microsoft’s mysterious new media project sounds a bit like Pandora. But then again it sounds a bit like every other digital media service that’s not iTunes.

This Supercomputer Defeated Human Champions of a TV Game Show in 2011

Answer: What is IBM’s Watson? The supercomputer training for an expected TV debut next month on “Jeopardy” won a practice round today.

News Byte

Windows Phone 7 Previews: And Now for Something Completely Different…

If it’s going to recover from its admitted stumble in the mobile market, Microsoft very much needs Windows Phone 7 to be a hit. Based on the early word from tech media outlets that have been playing with a close-to-final version of the totally revamped operating system, the company has reason to be encouraged but not comfortably confident. Here are some in-depth previews from Engadget, Gizmodo, ZDNet and Boy Genius Report.

Who Will Buy Palm? If Not HTC, How About HP?

Well, this is a bit ironic, coming as it does on the heels of Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein’s “I believe Palm can survive as an independent company” proclamation Thursday: HTC has reportedly declined to bid on the company. So where will Palm look now?

Technologizer's "The Future of Windows": Scoobs, Foley, Baig, Windex Wisecracks From BoomTown and More!

Check out the interesting observations made by a range of folks in a post by Technologizer titled, “The Future of Windows: 28 Perspectives and Proposals” on the 25th anniversary of the 1.0 version of the groundbreaking operating system. The simple question being asked: How can Microsoft keep Windows relevant? My wisecracking first answer: “Well, a more liberal policy on Windex, I suppose. Wait, you mean the software?”

CNET Boss Joe Gillespie Has Left the Building

Joe Gillespie, the CBS executive who oversaw the company’s CNET and CBS News.com sites, has left the company amid a reorg. Gillespie’s old unit, the CBS Interactive News Group, has been folded into a group with the company’s “business brands,” including BNET and MoneyWatch. Greg Mason, who was running the business group, now oversees the whole thing. But CBS says it doesn’t have any other shake-ups planned for its digital division.

Walt and Kara's Cavalcade of Gadgets on ZDNet

Last week, Walt Mossberg and I hosted the seventh annual gadgetfest, called “What’s Hot and What’s Not in Personal Technology,” at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley. Every year, we show off a range of new tech toys to the crowd. And before the show, Walt and I displayed our wares for ZDNet, which posted these videos.

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