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News Byte

Prismatic Banks $15 Million in Venture Capital

Social news reading app Prismatic announced a new Series A round of venture funding on Wednesday, banking another $15 million. Participating in the round were Accel Partners, Jim Breyer and Yuri Milner. The Prismatic app is something of a hybrid between Zite, Flipboard and other news apps, using your social channels to personalize the type of news that appears in your feed.

Custom Magazine Focuses on the Big Pictures

A new edition of Zite, an app that assembles online stories into a personalized digital magazine, puts a lot of emphasis on visuals.


How to Get Your Start-Up Acquired in Six Months or Less

These are some of the key reasons that Zite was able to move from launch to acquisition so quickly.

Mediafed Snaps Up News Aggregation App Taptu

A popular news reading app gets bought by an ad network in search of mobile success.

Zite Jumps to the Small Screen, Too