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Steve Jobs: We’re Not Getting Into Search, and We’re Not Booting Google From the iPhone

Steve Jobs at D8

Will Apple’s rivalry with Google (GOOG) lead to the search company disappearing from iPhones and iPads?

Nope, says CEO Steve Jobs, though asked if he’ll feature a rival search offering–say, from Microsoft (MSFT)–he demurs.

One search engine Apple (AAPL) won’t be featuring, Jobs says, is its own. That’s because the company is not getting into search, despite speculation that it would: “It’s not something we know about. its not something we care deeply about,” he said at the D8 conference.

But what about Apple’s acquisition of Siri, which some people have described as a search company? “I don’t know if I would describe Siri as a search company,” Jobs says. “They’re not in the search area…they’re in the AI area.”

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