Adobe CEO: Android Will Overtake iPad Just Like it Did the iPhone (Video)

Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen debunked a myth today at D that there’s an ongoing feud between it and Apple over running Flash on iOS.

Still, he didn’t hesitate downplaying Apple’s early lead in the tablet market, saying over the long-term, he is putting his money on Google’s Android, which runs Flash (coincidentally).

“What you saw with smartphones hitting an inflection point with Android, you’ll see it again with tablets,” he said.

He also named both HP and RIM as two companies that will gain traction in the enterprise. Both of those platforms also support Flash.

“There will be another 20 tablets that will come by the end of the year that will push the industry in different directions,” he said.

Some will provide the hardware that plays specifically to Adobe’s strengths, such as tablets that support video production and tablets that come with a stylus, which allows for more detailed actions like illustrations.

“I think the community is vibrant. I’m really excited,” he said.

Here’s the entire highlight reel with Narayen’s interview with Walt Mossberg:

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