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25 Million iPads, 14 Billion Apps: WWDC 2011 by the Numbers

There were lots of numbers showcased in Apple’s WWDC keynote Monday morning–big, big numbers. Over the course of the 118-minute presentation, executives trotted out metric after metric with which to chart the company’s achievements. Below, a list of the more memorable ones.

  • 5200 developers are attending WWDC this year.
  • The Mac App Store is now the #1 retail channel for PC software over Best Buy and Wal-mart.
  • Mac sales rose 28 percent year over year during Apple’s last quarter, while PC sales declined 1 percent.
  • There are now 54 million active Mac users around the world.
  • Mac sales have outpaced the broader PC market for 5 years, 22 straight quarters.
  • Apple has sold 200 million iOS devices to date…
  • …which accounts for more than 44 percent of the mobile market.
  • 25 million iPads were sold in the device’s 14 months of availability.
  • 15 billion songs have been sold from the iTunes store…
  • …making Apple the #1 music retailer in the world.
  • 130 million books have been downloaded from iBooks.
  • There are 425,000 apps in the app store.
  • 90,000 of them are designed specifically for the iPad.
  • 14 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store in less than 3 years.
  • Apple has paid some $2.5 billion to developers building apps for the app store.
  • There are 225 million iTunes Store accounts, all of them with associated credit cards and 1-click purchasing.
  • There are 50 million Game Center users. XBox Live, which has been around for a lot longer, only has about 30 million.
  • IOS users send more than 1 billion Tweets a week. (Looks like this is a general Twitter number, not specific to iOS)
  • To date, about 100 billion push notifications have been sent to iOS devices.
  • The iPhone 4’s camera is the second most used camera on Flickr.
  • OS X Lion boasts 250+ new features and 3,000 APIs.
  • IOS 5 has 200+ new features and 1,500 APIs.

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