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Nokia’s Borked Q2 Charts Make Yahoo’s Borked Q2 Charts Look Fantastic!

Here are the slide decks and other investor materials from Nokia’s incredibly bad second quarter results announced earlier today.

The Finnish cellphone maker saw net sales in its core devices and services business decline 23 percent from last quarter and 20 percent from a year earlier. Meanwhile, revenue and unit sales for its critical smartphones were down more than 30 percent from both prior quarter and year-ago results.

Earlier this week, Silicon Valley Internet giant Yahoo turned in a weak quarter too, but its depressing charts pale in comparison to this set of Nokia financial data.

In fact, if the charts below had any more minuses, it would start to look like a crime scene for an unfortunate knifing victim on “Law and Order” — whose famous “doink-doink” sound is also below.

Here’s the damage to peruse:




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