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Apple Rules the Mobile Mile High Club

Android may be gaining market share on the ground, but when it comes to market share at 10,000 feet and above, it’s still an Apple world.

Gogo tells AllThingsD that iPhones make up nearly two-thirds of the mobile devices using its inflight Wi-Fi service. Android devices make up just 12 percent, trailing even the iPod touch, which accounts for 20 percent of handheld connections.

The BlackBerry accounted for 6 percent (think suits paying for e-mail and tweens for BlackBerry messenger). Meanwhile, Windows Phone and other phones are used on Gogo about as often as those air sickness bags stuffed into the seat pocket. (Although parent-of-two Kara Swisher tells me those bags are still used more often than one would like to think.)

Mobile devices pay slightly lower fares on longer flights on Gogo, with access maxing out at $7.95, as compared to $12.95 for using a Mac or PC on those cross-country trips.

Tablets like the iPad were not included in these mobile numbers as such devices are counted with computers (and also pay the higher PC rates).

But the iPad is a popular frequent flier as well, accounting for more than a third of large screens using Gogo in June. All versions of Windows totalled 41 percent with Mac OS machines making up just under 20 percent.

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