Here Are the Daily Deals That Consumers Regret Buying the Most

This is no big surprise, but it turns out that the daily deals that people regret buying the most are the ones they buy the most.

It is the goal of every daily deal site to make each offer sound as appealing as possible — and sure, you probably did have the best of intentions to check out that new sushi restaurant or try out CrossFit for the first time.

But before you know it, a year has passed, and you have 10 ballroom-dance classes that you can’t possibly use.

Lifesta, which is one of the many marketplaces that people use to buy and sell unused deals, examined reselling habits in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., to identify the most resold (or possibly regretted) daily deals.

Here’s the breakdown:

Food and drink: 41 percent
Beauty and spa: 20 percent
Sports and recreation: Seven percent
Retail: Six percent
Event tickets: Six percent
Services: Six percent
Travel: Three percent
Tours and attractions: Three percent
Fitness: Three percent
Health and medical: One percent
Kids: One percent
Other: Two percent

While there are some differences, the most-unwanted vouchers tend to match up closely with the most frequently purchased vouchers on Groupon, the largest provider.

In the first quarter, Groupon broke down sales into these six “most popular” categories: Health and beauty (31 percent); food and drink (23 percent); activities (15 percent); events (11 percent); services (11 percent) and retail (nine percent).

People talk about about “deal fatigue,” and how consumers are becoming numb to the flood of offers that hit their inboxes everyday. But what is the term for people who continually buy vouchers and never use them?

The secondary market, which doesn’t necessarily have the blessing of the major daily-deal providers, may become necessary to keep consumers interested in buying more offers.

Groupon says the average customer has purchased four Groupon deals, up from three a year ago.

But CityPockets, which helps consumers keep track of all their vouchers — and when they are expiring — says its average member has purchased 24 deals across all providers, of which nine are still unused and valid.

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