Rovio Claims to Be Fastest-Growing Global Consumer Brand Ever

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, is saying it has grown faster than YouTube, Myspace, Skype and Amazon in the first two years of operations and is claiming to be the fastest-growing consumer brand in the world.

Seriously. That’s what Wibe Wagemans, the SVP of brand advertising and analytics of Rovio, said today at Mobile Future Forward in Seattle.

“We are now the fastest-growing consumer brand in history,” said Wagemans, a former Microsoft Bing executive.

It doesn’t hurt that the Finnish company known for the Angry Birds mobile game — which has branched out into everything from stuffed plush toys to educational books and movies — is a marketing powerhouse.

The major growth has been driven not just by tons of consumers being addicted to throwing birds at a bunch of building blocks, but from being on several platforms, including mobile, the Chrome app store and the newly launched Google+ social games.

Today, Wagemans said Chrome has tens of millions of active users a month and that Angry Birds is the top game on Google+ (supposedly beating Zynga, Wooga, Electronic Arts and others). In total, he said, across all platforms, Rovio has 120 million monthly active users playing its games.

All that adds up to more users than other fast-growing global companies within 20 months of launching their brand, he said.

Other companies are still clearly bigger, just not growing as fast, if you trust the company’s methodology and metrics.

Zynga has more than 273 million monthly active users on Facebook alone (not to mention the users it has on Google+ and mobile).

But perhaps that’s just a matter of time.

As Wagemans points out: “We haven’t even launched on Facebook yet.”

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