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What Not to Do in Hong Kong (Trust Me on This One)

How shall I put this as delicately as I am known for: So I went to AsiaD in Hong Kong and all I got was this lousy transient ischemic attack.

First off: I’m doing great, have recovered all functions completely, and have even had a couple of scoops while bedridden. (And, yes, I am a bad patient!)

In all seriousness, as it happened, a 14-hour plane flight sandwiched into a window seat with two big dudes sitting next to me, combined with a not-uncommon but undetected-until-now heart condition, seems to have spelled trouble for me this week and sent me right into a hospital here in China.

(Note to everyone: When they tell you to walk around on long-haul air trips and drink plenty of water, you might want to listen.)

Without going into the gory details, what I thought was jet lag and a bad migraine actually rendered me speechless for a few hours on Tuesday morning, and in need of some serious medical attention and recuperation, which is why I will not be appearing at our first international D conference tonight.

As you might imagine, I am pretty bummed, since I was looking forward to the event and interviewing the stellar list of speakers we are hosting. It is the first D in a decade that I am not part of, except in spirit.

But, as usual, I know that my fantastic partner Walt Mossberg and the amazing AllThingsD staff here and in the U.S. will do me proud and deliver yet another memorable D. ATD phenoms Peter Kafka and Ina Fried will take over my interviewing duties.

It all starts tonight, with an interview with Google Android chief Andy Rubin by Walt, so I hope you’ll be following it as closely as I will be from the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (no flowers, please!).

Speaking of my sickbed, here’s a little video I did from my room with a view, this time turning the lens on myself for once. The message, in living color and for those who care: I really am doing well and am as snarky as usual.

And, as you also might guess, I will be back in California this weekend and back to scooping as usual:

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