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One in 124 Seattleites Uses a Kindle Fire

Evidently, Seattle has a lot of hometown pride in Amazon’s Kindle Fire. That, or CEO Jeff Bezos has been particularly generous in gifting the low-end tablet to local friends and neighbors.

According to Jumptap’s November survey of ad requests on its mobile ad network, an estimated one out of every 124 Seattle residents owns a Kindle Fire. That’s about double the number in San Francisco, where an estimated one in 249 residents has a Fire. And it’s significantly more than any other major city that Jumptap surveyed (Denver: 1 in 260; Atlanta: 1 in 263; Washington, D.C.: 1 in 292). That said, one in 124 isn’t as large a number as it sounds. Seattle’s current population is about 563,374, so one Kindle Fire per 124 residents amounts to only about 4,543 Fires sold there.

Another noteworthy data point: A lot of those Fire-using Seattleites live in close proximity to Amazon. Twenty percent of the Fire traffic Jumptap observed on its network during November originated from within one mile of Amazon headquarters.

Not all that surprising, I suppose. Amazon employs a lot of people in Seattle, and it’s certainly plausible that a fair number of them might be using the Fire, whether it be for testing or personal use.

In any event, the Fire appears to be doing well in Jumptap’s assessment. Traffic from the device on its network grew 270 percent in November.

“The Kindle Fire made a bigger splash than many were expecting,” Jumptap CMO Paran Johar told AllThingsD. “Its success may cannibalize larger device players like Apple in the future, and we’ll most likely see tablets at lower price points come from those players in the next year.”

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