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Sources: Four More Board Members Will Be Following Yang Out the Door

According to sources close to the situation, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang is just the first shoe to drop in what is shaping up to be what looks like a large exodus of board members from the Silicon Valley Internet company.

Sources said four other directors will also step down soon. As I wrote last week, in a post suggesting Yang might also go, the prime candidates to go appear to be: Chairman Roy Bostock, Arthur Kern, Vyomesh Joshi, and Gary Wilson.

As I noted in a post titled “Yahapocalypse Now?”:

While some departures seem most obvious — longtime board members Vyomesh Joshi, Arthur Kern and Gary Wilson — the really interesting part will be the possible exit of Chairman Roy Bostock.

While it now is more of a when rather than an if, many sources report, how it goes down is the key part of the move. And who will be the chairman then will be the big conundrum — either an internal candidate, such as David Kenny, or a fresh-eyed outsider.

Another question mark: Whether co-founder Jerry Yang could also move along off the board with Bostock. While Internet company founders usually stick on boards, it’s not a given, especially with all the turmoil at Yahoo, some of which is related to Yang.

And the major impetus for the board cleansing, besides the obvious need to drastically shake up what might be the most dysfunctional board in all of tech? Worries about possible lawsuits, as well as a proxy fight that could spell disaster for the already troubled Yahoo.

Sources said among the issues most worrisome is how this board conducted recent attempts to sell part of the company to private equity firms rather than sell it whole.

In addition, shareholder pressures — especially the distinct possibility of a proxy fight from Daniel Loeb of Third Point — have been mounting on the Yahoo board.

Still, it does look like Yang still motored out of the company he co-founded — an accomplishment that should be feted, despite recent misses at Yahoo — on his own, even if he had few other good options in the end.

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