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Corning Looks to Recreate the Viral Magic With New Video About Glass

One would hardly think a video about glass would go viral.

But that’s what happened a year ago, when upstate New York-based Corning Inc., maker of optical fiber, Pyrex and the ultra-thin chemically strengthened glass used in many newer tablets and smartphones, posted a slickly produced marketing video on YouTube.

The five-and-a-half minute spot gave more than 17 million viewers a futuristic glimpse at the ways glass could be used in day-to-day life, from tablet screens to home appliances to car dashboards to bus-stop poster panels. The video shows a shiny happy family interacting with the touch-friendly surfaces in a world that I can only guess has flawless, perpetual Internet connectivity.

Now, Corning is looking to recreate some of that viral magic with a sequel video, aptly named A Day Made of Glass … 2!

It’s not remarkably different from the original video. There are two versions of the sequel; one with a narrator, and another without all the explanatory dialogue.

The sequel features the same family, but takes the scenario a few steps further — for example, tablets are now present everywhere, from the bedroom to the classroom, and the neurosurgeon dad is using antimicrobial glass in the operating room, as well as large-panel, fiber-optic glass displays to communicate via video chat with fellow doctors in China.

Despite the fact that large displays play a prominent role in the videos, Corning’s chief financial officer, Jim Flaws, said that large-screen displays are still too expensive for the masses, and that the company sees smartphones and tablets as the fastest-growing area for Corning in the near term. Flaws also said we can expect to see more glass in smaller feature phones, not just in smartphones.

He reaffirmed that Corning is forecasting $10 billion in sales for 2014; last year, the company hit record annual sales of $7.9 billion.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass is currently used in more than 575 consumer-tech product models across 30 major brands, totaling more than 500 million units worldwide. While it’s unclear whether Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad displays are made using Gorilla Glass, Corning was tapped to supply its specialty glass for the original iPhone (which you can read more about in this New York Times story about Apple’s supply chain in China).

Recently, Corning unveiled a new version of its Gorilla Glass that is 20 percent thinner than the original glass.

For your viewing pleasure, the new Corning video is below:

And in other glass-related news — because it’s a slow Friday, so far — ScienceNOW says that researchers have accidentally created the world’s thinnest pane of glass, measuring just three atoms thick.

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