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Path Now Has 2M Users, Having Doubled Since It Relaunched Two Months Ago

Path got the second version of its product a lot more right than the first. The well-designed mobile journal app is now one of the most promising attempts to build a more personal and intimate social graph.

In the two months since Path 2 launched, it has attracted a million new users, according to Path CEO Dave Morin. That’s roughly the same amount Path got in its entire first year.

(Path still has a long way to go; Morin’s former employer, Facebook, announced this week that it has 845 million users, and the social juggernaut has in the past year added “close friends” lists and better sharing and filtering tools.)

Beyond the two-million user milestone, Morin shared a bunch more stats and info about Path’s progress to date.

On the engagement front, he said 70 percent of people who use Path in a week return the next week.

Path users have created over 50 million items of content and half a billion pieces of feedback. The latter is a somewhat inflated stat, because “feedback” is created every time a user looks at content on Path. But for reference, there are 15 million pieces of feedback created on Path per day now, versus 10 million total in the first year, Morin said.

The most common types of content shared on Path are photos, “thoughts” (status messages) and sleep records (users can manually note when they power down for the night and when they wake up in the morning), in that order.

There’s one song posted on Path per second, and the most popular artist is Drake.

Am I getting too “in the weeds” here? How about some geographic data: The U.S. is by far Path’s biggest country, but other fast-growing contributors include the U.K., Germany, Japan, France and Korea.

San Francisco-based Path had 15 employees when Path 2 launched; now it’s up to 25.

What’s next for the company?

Well, it launched tilt-shift photo and video filters this week. Next up are extended platform tools (Path already has a deal to get health data from Nike), smarter friend-request filtering, and perhaps a Windows Phone app, Morin said.

So, perhaps the obvious next question — given Path raised Series A funding a year ago — is when will Path hit investors up for more money?

That answer was more inexact. “Sometime,” Morin said.

(Photo description credit: Dave Morin accepts the 2012 Crunchie award for best design from Google’s Marissa Mayer; (cc) Kenneth Yeung — on Flickr)

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