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How Will Facebook Ring in the IPO? With a Hackathon, Of Course.

Just like Hoodiegate, Facebook isn’t going to bring in its first day as a public company in the typical bell-ringing fashion.

The social giant is doing things its own way: With a hackathon, of course.

Sources close to Facebook say that on Thursday night, Facebook will hold a company-wide hackathon at its Menlo Park campus, another one of many in the company’s long history of all-night coding parties.

Facebook knows that going public is a huge moment for the company. But just as its roadshow video was wildly different from any other pre-IPO company presentations, Facebook wants to celebrate in its own way — essentially, “the hacker way.”

“It’s because building things is what defines Facebook,” a source says. “It’s what matters most.”

It’ll be similar to most every other hackathon the company holds — engineers will spend the evening coding freely, encouraged to build anything that comes to them. But there will be a few huge differences: One, it’s the last hackathon as a private company. And two, everyone at the company is invited.

And yes, the boy genius CEO will most likely be there, our source says.

It makes sense: Some of the company’s most important features and functions have stemmed from company hackathons. Timeline, for instance, was the brainchild of engineer Sam Lessin, spawned from an all-night coding session and eventually growing into one of Facebook’s defining features.

“We hack, therefore we are,” one Facebook adage reads. Until the very end of being private, it seems.

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