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Several Other Motorola Executives Join Sanjay Jha in Heading for the Exits

The first day as part of Google was greeted largely with a sigh of relief by Motorola Mobility employees, who have been waiting in limbo for months as the deal made its way through regulatory processes throughout the globe.

The biggest changes made on Tuesday were at the top of Motorola’s organizational chart. In addition to the exit of CEO Sanjay Jha, several other Motorola executives are leaving the company. Among those on the way out, we’re told, are strategy chief John Bucher, Senior VP Alain Mutricy, supply chain head Mike Fleming, chief marketer Bill Ogle, HR head Scott Crum, operating chief Juergen Stark and CFO Marc Rothman.

Also leaving is well-regarded enterprise unit head Christy Wyatt, a former Apple and Palm executive. Responsibility for the corporate push will shift to Mahesh Veerina, the senior VP of software and services.

Beyond that, though, Google is holding back with the drastic changes. Motorola remains
a separate subsidiary, employees are keeping their same email addresses and the iconic Motorola logo will remain.

Naturally, the first day of business consisted of lots of “get to know you” town hall meetings with Motorola employees learning about life under Google and meeting some of their new leaders. To give Motorola’s conference rooms a bit of that Mountain View vibe, a few Googlers brought along lava lamps.

Google is making its presence felt in other ways. In addition to new CEO Dennis Woodside, Google has brought in a new HR head, financial chief and marketing lead. Google also said that Regina Dugan, the recently recruited former DARPA head, will lead a new advanced research unit within Motorola — a move that some employees are taking as a sign that Google is committed to serious R&D at its newest unit.

Google did hint that Motorola’s future could be more narrow than the broad array of devices it makes today.

“Motorola Mobility will have a simpler, more focused strategy,” Googorola said in a statement. “You will see fewer, but bigger launches.”

Although Google didn’t mention job cuts in its public statements or in its meetings with employees, layoffs are expected. Fewer products likely means fewer people needed to develop and manufacture those products.

Also unclear is the fate of the TV products unit that makes set-top boxes. Some see this as a natural fit with Google TV, while others say much of the unit could be sold if the right buyer can be found.

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