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Day One at D10 in Tweets and Pictures

Day One at #ATD10, in Tweets and Pictures

Tweets and pictures from the first day of the 10th annual D: All Things D conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Storified by Eric Scott Johnson · Wed, May 30 2012 00:17:30

At long last, the 10th D conference is here. Here’s what conference attendees at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., have been saying online:
I don’t always go to conferences, but when I do, I prefer #ATD10Jeff Berman
Heading down south later today for #atd10, expect significant tweet volume around 6pm when I join 50 other people paraphrasing Tim Cook.Tom Krazit
And Twitter and Instagram users couldn’t stay away from our first guest to arrive — Zeus the Eurasian eagle-owl. He’s here to scare off any pesky coastal birds that might otherwise invade the grounds.
Security just arrived at D10 to keep out the riffraff. #atd10 Racioppa
I was looking for Tim Cook at #ATD10, instead I found this giant owl. #timindisguise? #apple Ulanoff
But Zeus wasn’t the only eye-grabber. Registrants also enjoyed the welcome reception and — of course — the items in their swag bags:
At the #d10 conference drinking cucumber water…so LA ;) (Checked in at Terranea Resort) Weitz
One of the more unusual items in the #atd10 swag bag! Not my size – either! Gershon
Weirdest part of the #D10 gift bag? Lace panties. MacInnis
Outside Terranea’s main ballroom, D attendees gathered for yet another reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres:
BODY GUARD :) Apple’s CEO with the good ‘ole Mossberg “@allthingsd Half an hour to go…#ATD10 @ahess247: Tim and Walt.””Tim Chaten
Must be a tech conference: plenty of geeks and no way to get on WiFi. #D10Troy Wolverton
The evening’s main event began with a big celebration for the D conference’s 10th anniversary, starting with…
JANE LYNCH!!!! #atd10A. Li
Jane Lynch makes a cameo at #atd10 conference.
…followed by gospel choir, a marching band, and (why not?) a confetti cannon.
"A Hard Day’s Night" being sung onstage by a gospel choir right now. If ever there were an appropriate song. #d10Alexia Tsotsis
Hard act for #TimCook to follow at #D10. Full marching band: Saints go marching in…. Boorstin
‘Modernist Cuisine’ mastermind Nathan Myhrvold post- #ATD10 glitterbomb.
Some attendees were a bit perplexed.
What in the world. #d10Kenneth Donegan
…And then we were off, with the start of D and Tim Cook’s appearance as the conference’s first guest:
Live: Apple CEO Tim Cook’s First Time in the Hot Seat at DWhile he has presided over a number of events since taking over as Apple CEO last year, Tuesday night promises to offer a new look inside…
Cook’s answers included a renaissance of his now-famous “fridge toaster” joke…
Tim Cook: No refrigerator/toaster coming next week #D10Jon Fortt
Personally, I really want a toaster built into my Fridge. = Much increased productivity thank you very much Tim Cook. #D10Ryan Daws
Cook: Tablets Shouldn’t Be Burdened by PC LegacyApple has dominated the tablet market since it first debuted the iPad, fending off all attempts to unseat it. Soon the company will face …
…an appreciation of the importance of secrecy and changing your opinions, as learned from Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs…
“We’re going to double down on secrecy on products” HOLY #ATD10Muffin Man
It takes courage to change and say you were wrong & take a new position, Steve Jobs had that courage – Tim Cook #ATD10FashionweekNYC
Steve Jobs Was An Awesome Flip-Flopper, Says Tim CookWhat did Steve Jobs teach Tim Cook? The Apple CEO has a list of lessons, and he shared some onstage at D10 tonight. But he seemed most im…
..Apple’s position on manufacturing in China vs. in the U.S…
Tim Cook: "It may" say "assembled in the United States" on the back of an Apple product some day #D10Jon Fortt
Interesting how Cook makes the "made in china" issue about American workers skill set and not about affordability. #atd10Darin Bartholomew
Sent from an iPhone, which has several parts manufactured in the U.S. Guessing that’s at the bottom of @inafried’s next signature! #atd10triciad
Cook on Apple’s Role in China and Manufacturing: "I Hope People Rip Us Off Blindly"Apple is one of the most secretive companies in the world, keeping its product knowledge away from competitors and close to the chest. Bu…
…and Apple’s recent patent wars with Oracle.
Cook: Patent wars are "A pain in the ass." #ATD10 $AAPLArik Hesseldahl
"We just want people to develop their own stuff, and not rip us off." Tim Cook at #ATD10 talking about #PatentWarsScott Graham
Yeah! Let’s get Nathan Myrhvold on stage with Tim Cook to discuss patent wars! #atd10triciad
Patent Wars Are "Pain in the Ass," Says Tim CookAre patent wars a problem for innovation? Asked that question at during the opening session of D10 Tuesday night, Apple CEO had a simple …
Overall, D10 attendees in the audience and following along online seemed impressed with Tim’s performance:
For someone as different from Jobs as is possible, Cook is deftly controlling his messages. #ATD10Lois Paul
I really like Tim Cook. He seems to be answering these questions in very a Steve Jobs esque manner, no nonsense, with a little humor #ATD10Scott Graham
Tim Cook is an excellent speaker and very good at managing the interviewers. Walt & Kara. Uses "stay tuned" a lot. #atd10Doug Bennett
Tim Cook is on fire at #d10. Very, very impressedAJ.Müni
I already did! RT @Jason: After watching this keynote I want to put every dollar I have into $aapl cook is phenomenal communicator #d10JasonRaznick
And when it came to Apple’s role in the future of TV and social media, Cook was (perhaps surprisingly) upfront:
Walt to Cook on Apple TV: "You’re not doing everything you could do."Cook: "I agree." #ATD10Parth Dhebar
Apple TV Sales Have Doubled, But It’s Still An Experiment, Say Tim CookTim Cook won’t say a word about his Apple TV plans. But he is willing explain what he thinks about his current Apple TV product: It’s a l…
Tim Cook: "Does Apple Need to Be Social? Yes."Facebook created the definitive social network. Google followed suit with Google+. So must Apple create its own version of a social netwo…
However, on other issues, he was less direct:
Kara asks if there will be more acquisitions under Tim Cook. He gives Non answer, answer. #atd10stacygreen
Tim Cook on basically anything: "It’s good, but it’ll get better. We think you’ll like what we’re working on." Well, thanks. #D10John Burke
#atd10 Apple CEO Tim Cook has made NO news, but he is charming and spell-binding! @karaswisher & @waltmossberg get A’s for effort!Bernard Gershon
Cook’s way of dodging a question is to ask for the next one. #atd10Poornima Gupta
And Tim Cook lifted his mask and there was Steve. #ATD10Riccardo Mori
Tim Cook masterclass in CEO evasion and cliches at #ATD10Dan Gillmor
My new nickname for Tim Cook after tonight’s #atd10 interview: the artful dodger. Just told him so. He laughed.Cathy Brooks
Tim Cook on Apple and Facebook: "Stay Tuned."Anyone with an iPhone knows how cozy Apple and Twitter are; tweeting is integrated into iOS’ blood. Conspicuously absent from Apple’s iOS…
The award for most bitingly funny tweet reactions during Cook’s interview goes to Glenn Fleishman: 
Cook: “If you walked in my office you’d see Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.” Jesus. He had them stuffed? #ATD10 #toosoonGlenn Fleishman
Q: “Mr. Cook, we all admire Apple and think that QUICK WHAT’S THE PIN FOR YOUR PHONE!” #ATD10Glenn Fleishman
Cook: “Our strategy is to make customers so mad they scream, but have no alternative.” I’m paraphrasing. #ATD10Glenn Fleishman
The big take-away of the night, though, were the new Apple CEO’s two favorite phrases: “stay tuned” and “double down.”
Phrase of the day at #atd10 ? "Doubling down"Darin Bartholomew
And from there, it was on to dinner and a nightcap reception:
Stay tuned for more tweets, pictures, and audience commentary tomorrow!