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Day Two at D10 in Tweets and Pictures

Day Two at D10, in Tweets and Pictures

Storified by Eric Scott Johnson · Thu, May 31 2012 02:08:57

Two days down and only one to go at the 10th annual D: All Things Digital conference. But the interviews, written recaps and highlight videos are only part of the story — here’s a timeline of today’s goings-on through the eyes of our writers, conference attendees and online followers.
One surprise at D is the durability of the Blackberry. See it everywhere. #ATD10Nick Wingfield
In hours, Tim Cook’s words at #D10 have been dissected & construed 3 times as much as Nostradamus’ Prophecies in centuries. /cc @madeupstatsMichael Burgstahler
Fueling up for the day ahead #atd10 Ulanoff
At #D10. Nearly a stampede at door to main hall to see Mary Meeker. She goes on soon.Rafe Needleman
Mary Meeker Explains the Mobile Monetization ChallengeLooming over the Internet industry is the mismatch between the growth in mobile usage and mobile monetization. Most recently, it was the …
Mary Meeker is the first to be allowed a Power Point at #ATD10. Not even Steve Jobs or Bill Gates got that. :PBo Hee Kim
Mary Meeker’s always-amazing PowerPoint on the Internet economy leads off the day at #D10…she’s focused on mobile this year…Dan Gillmor
Meeker is running through all the standard things in life that are being upended by Internet, from note-taking to hailing a cab etc #D10Rafe Needleman
The slides of her excellent (and fast!) presentation went up on AllThingsD at the same time:
Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends, Live at D10 (Slides)This year, Mary Meeker brings her famous annual Internet Trends report to D10, where she just appeared onstage. Meeker, a partner at Klei…
The Internet is down at BOTH @BuzzFeed and @Mashable. Must all be going to Meeker’s preso @ #D10. Meyerson
With few detractors, overall opinion on Meeker’s presentation was positive:
Mary Meeker is brilliant, but describing the U.S. as a corporation is misguided… #D10Dan Gillmor
Mary Meeker, ever always amazing fun #ATD10 #inJim Porter
Mary Meeker Talks About How Digital Is Changing EverythingWe all hear it every day: The Internet and digital technologies are changing everything. It’s become one of those big pronouncements that…
Surprise. Meeker defends Morgan Stanley and Facebook IPO process. Blames initial sell-off in part on the Nasdaq trading problems. #ATD10Troy Wolverton
Meeker: Facebook will do very well over time. #D10 (maybe so, but doesn’t justify the sleaze in the IPODan Gillmor
Meeker: I gave up on US as a global mobile phone player 5 years ago. Now 63% of mobile phones are running OSes built in US. #D10Rafe Needleman
Mary Meeker’s juxtaposition of herself at 5 and her young niece really struck me. Chalkboards and Apps. #ATD10Drake Martinet
Mary Meeker on a Five-Year Old’s Favorite AppsWhat were you doing when you were five years old? Consider the experience of Mary Meeker’s neice. Asked during a question-and-answer sess…
I cannot say enough about Mary Meeker’s presentation at @ #ATD10 — Just f—ing incredible. Must read for mobile naysayers.Rocco Pendola
@thenetworkhub Based on Mary Meeker’s #ATD10 stats I realize 100 years from now archaeologists will find no remnants of our culture.Morten R-H
Maybe if they’re looking for something to dig up by then, Zynga will have made an ArchaeologyVille game. Just ask the next guest, Zynga founder and CEO Mark Pincus:
Live Onstage: Zynga’s Founder and CEO Mark PincusFarmVille. CityVille. Words with Friends. Zynga is responsible for developing some of the most-played games of the decade. As the founder…
Doubling down CEO term of #atd10 Cook used it multiple times and now Mark Pincus of Zynga says they are doubling down on FB.Lois Paul
Mark Pincus on Zynga’s Symbiotic Relationship With FacebookZynga’s road to succes owes much to Facebook – the social giant has been by far the largest driver of traffic to Zynga’s gaming platform….
#karaswisher @karaswisher #atd10 admits she plays #wordswithfriends what’s her winning streak?ClaudiaCarasso
Lots of pauses and vagueness from Pincus, in response to @karaswisher’s question about buying Angry Birds #ATD10Lauren Goode
Mark Pincus Zynga CEO said he wants to be a game network like Xbox live. Smart. #atd10Doug Bennett
Zynga CEO says company won’t do consoles. Too much friction. All about reaching masses. #ATD10Mark Spoonauer
"players to payers" – mark pincus expression for gamers who spend or new rap song? #ATD10Nick Wingfield
Gaming can be a poke with a purpose. #ATD10 mark pincusDoug Llewellyn
And then, it was time for something completely different …
Never thought I’d ever witness this: bra fitting at #atd10Bill Hankes
True&Co Aims to Be the Bonobos of the Bra WorldIt’s been said that women in tech could use more support. Two entrepreneurs have taken that quite literally, launching a lingerie Web sit…
Bras are far more complicated than I could have ever imagined. #atd10Mike Isaac
Can’t resist — Once again #ATD10 is keeping us "abreast" of latest technology with True&CoLarry Magid
Demo of bra app at #ATD10. Maybe conf should be named All Things D CupSteven Levy
Demonstration of web-based bra fitting tech at #ATD10 has got to be making 80% of the audience really uncomfortable.Dylan Tweney
After a break, though, the jokes about undergarments had to come to an end. It was time to talk patents with so-called “patent troll” Nathan Myhrvold:
Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold Live at D10"Thomas Edison’s business model was very similar to ours." That’s how Nathan Myhrvold, CEO of Intellectual Ventures, described the compan…
Interesting thing about Myhrvold is that while he gets grief for being a patent troll, his company does also invent things. #ATD10Jason Snell
Cook, Meeker, Myhrvold… Theme at #ATD10 this year seems to be IQ.Lee Milstein
Intellectual Ventures CEO Nathan Myhrvold "two of our inventors will win the Nobel prize… Or should" #ATD10johnelton
Big audience applause for @waltmossberg pushing Nathan Myhrvold on Intellectual Ventures’s troll-like behavior. #ATD10Lee Milstein
Myhrvold: Nobody does pure research anymore. Google has R&D, but not R. #ATD10Rafe Needleman
If you’re expecting a Perry Mason-style breakdown, where Myhrvold sobs and admits that patents are bad, you will be disappointed. #ATD10Jason Snell
Nathan Myhrvold believes in what he believes and he’s great at defending his thesis. #atd10triciad
I’m having a really violent emotional reaction to Myhrvold’s rhetoric, and I think a lot of the audience is the same. #atd10Alexia Tsotsis
#ATD10 the simple truth: we are scared of myrhvold’s patent portfolio. I fear the cease and desist note for a patent I didn’t know existed.Brian O’Kelley
Nathan Myhrvold on Being the Most Unpopular Guy at D10Nathan Myhrvold knows that he is one of the least popular guests at this week’s D: All Things Digital conference and, that’s OK with him….
He has a patent on entitlement, so watch out. RT @triciad Myhrovld says animosity people have for him due to a sense of entitlement. #atd10Chris Taylor
Once patent owned, offense/defense can change any moment. RT @dangillmor: They buy patent portfolios for defense, not offense #D10Dan Farfan
Agree with him or not, Nathan Myhrvold was entertaining, cogent, and witty in defense of software patents. #ATD10Brad Silverberg
Intellectual Ventures Nathan Myhrvold Talks Nuclear Reactors and Patents (Video)Intellectual Ventures is often criticized for being a patent troll, but Nathan Myhrvold talked on Wednesday about a couple of the actual …
And next, Otoy wowed the crowd with super-fast animation rendering:
2nd startup of #atd10 Second startup with a female co-founder (prior one was 2 cofounding women). Brava @karaswisher & @waltmossbergCathy Brooks
Animation rendering in the cloud demo is amazing from OTOY here at D @tiffanyshlain u must check it out #atd10TinaSharkey
Otoy Takes Movie Production to the CloudIf you have dreams of creating the next Hollywood blockbuster but don’t have the budget of a big movie studio, a company called Otoy want…
Otoy doing a WOW demo. Tech radically lowering cost of film and game making #atd10Jeff Berman
Breaking: Nathan Myhrvold just bought Otoy’s patents. #atd10Jeff Berman
After the OTOY demo, a new guest to D — screenwriter Aaron Sorkin — took the stage:
Here’s Aaron Sorkin! Coming out to the "West Wing" theme! #ATD10Jason Snell
Aaron Sorkin, Live at D10Hollywood edict: If you want to make a movie about a Silicon Valley legend, you need to hire Aaron Sorkin. The writer took on Mark Zucker…
Aaron Sorkin. Best interview yet at #atd10. Valley guys need media trainin,g apparentlyDana Stalder
Aaron Sorkin: anytime you see the words "based on a true story", you should expect a painting not a photograph. #atd10Gary Kovacs
Aaron Sorkin: Making a Movie About Steve Jobs Is Like Writing About the BeatlesDon’t expect a cradle-to-grave depiction of Steve Jobs’ life from his upcoming movie, said Aaron Sorkin, who has signed on to write the w…
With so many things competing for attention, he says he just seeks to make as good a show as he possibly can. (Aaron Sorkin) AMEN. #atd10jenkavs
Loving that Aaron Sorkin in trending. Thanks #ATD10.Kristin Mason
You’re welcome.
Aaron Sorkin "doubling-down" on promoting his new HBO show premiering Sunday, June 24th! #atd10Gozer69
And All Things D got to continue the conversation with Sorkin after the interview ended:
Bruce Springsteen and the Sound of Intelligence – Aaron Sorkin Shares a Little About His Writing ProcessAfter a candid conversation on the D conference stage, Aaron Sorkin spent a few minutes with AllThingsD’s Katie Boehret and shared a litt…
Meanwhile, though, it was time for LinkedIn’s dynamic duo of Jeff Weiner and Reid Hoffman:
Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner on LinkedIn, Perhaps the Only Even-Keeled Consumer Internet CompanyControversy and histrionics is not what you’ll get in a conversation with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Chairman Reid Hoffman. Instead, th…
Things started off on a funny note:
Very funny @LinkedIn video at #ATD10aneel bhusri
LinkedIn Makes a Funny: Here’s the LOL-worthy Marketing Parody Video From D10LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Chairman Reid Hoffman today came to D10 and had a very serious conversation about their business. But first …
And then got a bit more serious with a look at why LinkedIn has been successful, with a look toward the future of professional identity.
Took this LinkedIn interview to make me realize I need to change my profile #atd10Joanna Stern
Kara Swisher: I mostly use LinkedIn to find out which Yahoo execs are leaving. #ATD10Rafe Needleman
Great analogy from @jeffweiner. IPO day is like weather on your wedding day. You remember it but to doesn’t matter in long run #ATD10aneel bhusri
Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner on stage at AllThingsD performing a convincing duet #atd10Hans Peter Brondmo
LinkedIn’s Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Says Social Innovation isn’t OverDespite large scale successes by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, innovation in the social networking sector is alive and well. Reid Hoffm…
LinkedIn Execs Discuss Being the Entrepreneur of Your Own Life at D10 (Video)Reid Hoffman said people benefit from using LinkedIn three ways: It allows them to be "the entrepreneur of their own life," "the CEO of t…
@jeffweiner says 3.7m open jobs in the US, 22.7M Americans underemployed or not looking. That’s the other jobs crisis. #ATD10Sam Whitmore
And speaking of the future, Spotify claims to be the future of music. But Daniel Ek and Sean Parker got an old-fashioned welcome:
HAHAHA :) @jamesjoaquin: "Spotify interview starts with "Play that funky music white boy" by Wild Cherry. #ATD10"Fredrik Rittberger
Woah: Sean Parker says there was some indication that Apple tried to keep Spotify out of the US market #ATD10alexei oreskovic
Sean Parker: Why’d Spotify Take So Long to Get Stateside? It Could Have Been Apple.Before Spotify finally hit the United States less than a year ago, streaming music proponents the world around lauded the company. But wh…
Sean Parker and Daniel Ek on Apple, Playlists, and the End of the CD: The D10 Highlights (Video)As streaming music services rise in popularity and more files are stored up in the cloud, Sean Parker and Daniel Ek want to make one thin…
During the break, guests got some fresh air — and refreshments.
I need to double down on iced coffee #atd10Joanna Stern
The first guest of the next session, Pixar President Ed Catmull, spoke extensively about his company’s learning process, including what Pixar learned from Steve Jobs:
Ed Catmull When we started pixar none of us knew anything including #stevejobs #atd10ClaudiaCarasso
And Catmull previewed Pixar’s next upcoming film, “Brave”:
With 3 girls nice to hear Pixar will have their first female lead #ATD10johnelton
Pixar’s Ed Catmull Live at D10With the release of "Toy Story" in 1995, Ed Catmull, president and co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and president of Walt Disney Ani…
Seen-it-all #atd10 crowd paying close attention to Pixar’s Ed Catmull. Everyone’s a fanboy for this session.Peter Kafka
But if the staff was impressed by Catmull, they were even more taken by the following act, Oracle’s colorful CEO, Larry Ellison:
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Live at D10There are few characters more colorful in the history of Silicon Valley than Larry Ellison. The CEO and founder of the enterprise softwar…
Ellison quickly raised a few eyebrows with his statements about macro tech trends:
"They don’t call it the Internet any more. They call it cloud computing." -Larry Ellison #atd10Matt MacInnis
What??? *insert WTF meme here* RT @inafried: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: I think the Internet was kind of the last big change in tech. #ATD10Argenis Fernandez
Watching Marc Benioff smirk at Larry Ellison’s #atd10 talk from the audience. The cloud, says Ellison, isn’t new — it’s smart branding.Mike Isaac
Damn, that’s a big phone RT @kabster728: Larry Ellison predicts that tablets and smartphones will be much bigger than PCs. #ATD10Christopher Trout
And, at first, it seemed like it would be a relatively calm interview …
Larry Ellison is usually wound up. In early days, he would have shouting matches with Ed Esber of Ashton Tate at industry conferences #atd10Eric Hippeau
… but not six minutes later, things changed (for the better):
"I’m not going to call him Léo. I’m going to call him Leo." –Larry Ellison really doesn’t like Mr. Apotheker #atd10Dylan Tweney
LEO…L-e-o…..Laa-oo #atd10Nitin Badjatia
Larry Ellison just did a 3-minute stand-up at #atd10 putting down Leo Apotheker.Rob
Larry Ellison owns Tim Cook when it comes to giving an entertaining interview. @karaswisher doing a great job. #ATD10Sriram Krishnan
And now Larry Ellison pulls off the rubber mask. Yep, it was Robert Downey Jr. all along. #atd10Peter Kafka
OK @karaswisher & @waltmossberg have to bring back Larry Ellison every year #atd10Eric Hippeau
I have not been this excited about enterprise since I got that free car rental Groupon last summer. #atd10Mike Isaac
After the high of Larry Ellison, it was time to take a breath and remember a tech titan and D regular who is no longer with us:
Remembering the Legacy of Apple CEO Steve Jobs at D10For better or worse, much of D10 has been a reflection on the legacy of Steve Jobs, the iconic Apple founder who died last year. However,…
What a thoughtful, lovely tribute #atd10: video of all Steve Jobs’ @allthingsd interviews, 100% free on iTunes Janes
This whole #d10 feels a little like a tribute to Steve Jobs. Heartfelt, not ironic. Tribute to a life force for the industry.John Lilly
All things D is more like All things Steve – not that I’m complaining #d10phil barrett
And here’s what Steve looked like at D1 in 2003:
After a panel that extended the talks with Ellison and Catmull — both close friends of Jobs — it was time for dinner outside at the Terranea Resort’s main swimming pool:
But the night wasn’t over. To close out the day’s interviews, Kara and Walt welcomed Hollywood power player (and Ari-Gold-from-“Entourage”-inspiration) Ari Emanuel:
I honestly think the real Ari Emanuel may be cooler then the @HBO Entourage one #ATD10.Jason Knapp
I want [Google] to start filtering stolen content, says Emanuel. That is their responsibility. #ATD10Bo Hee Kim
And, like Ellison, a slow start quickly reached an extremely entertaining crescendo:
Yyeeeeeesssss! Ari Emanuel is riled up!! #ATD10Katie Boehret
"That was a stupid example" Ari Emanuel calls it the way it is – I want to see him throw a punch! #ATD10Kevin Conroy
"Go sit down and think of something else and come back up so I can yell at you again," Emanuel to unfortunate questioner. #ATD10Bo Hee Kim
Nightcap = What Ari Emanuel is going to put in @joshualtopolsky after he gets off stage at #atd10 .Ina Fried
First time i’ve seen a D guest essentially banish a questioner from his presence #atd10John Paczkowski
It took about 45 minutes for Ari Emanuel to completely lose it. Amazing restraint from him #ATD10Eric Hippeau
I’m enjoying this "unscripted" show. Thanks Ari. #ATD10Bo Hee Kim
It’s no understatement to say that Emanuel’s day-ender was popular with the audience, and on Twitter: #ATD10Jason Knapp
So, how could D11 be any better? One Twitter follower gave us a great idea:
Enjoying all the tweets from #ATD10. Only way they’d be better is if I could get Aaron Sorkin to edit them for Christopher Walken to read.Nick Lorenzen
And, on that note, let’s call it a night. We may have a few calls to make in the morning …