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FTC’s Jon Leibowitz Takes Your Privacy Very Seriously: The Full D10 Interview (Video)

It’s clear — especially from this interview with Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz at the 10th D: All Things Digital conference — that the federal government is going to spend more time scrutinizing Internet companies and their behavior.

“The more protection these consumers have, the more they trust it, and the more commerce they do,” Leibowitz said in a wide-ranging interview that focused a lot on “privacy by design” and transparency in the face of ever-growing power by digital-data-sucking companies like Facebook and Google.

Leibowitz could not say much about an ongoing antitrust investigation of Google, except to note that he had just hired his own outside big legal gun to keep up with the search giant’s, in case of, well, you know.

Here’s the video of the full interview with Walt Mossberg:

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