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Evernote Expands to Small Businesses, Partners Up With Moleskine

Evernote, the productivity app that helps you digitally organize notes, to-do lists and more, announced that it will launch a new service aimed at small- and medium-size businesses in December.

Introduced by Evernote CEO Phil Libin at the Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco, Evernote Business expands on the company’s consumer-focused product by adding more collaborative features, administrative controls and dedicated support.

Currently, the app lets you take notes and collect information, such as photos and Web clips, and then store them in a virtual notebook that you can sync and access across multiple devices.

With Evernote Business, companies will be create a directory of notebooks that can be accessed and shared by all employees. Evernote said businesses will own all the data contained in company notebooks. Administrators will be able to control and manage employee access and permissions from a centralized console.

For the first time, Evernote will also offer phone support to help companies set up the service.

Evernote Business is set to launch in December and will cost $10 per month. If you already have a personal Evernote account, you’ll be able to sync it with the business

In addition to Evernote Business, the company announced a “ceasefire” in its war against its biggest rival — paper. It has partnered with journal maker Moleskine to create the Evernote Smart Notebook and bridge the gap between paper and digital.

The notebook is designed specifically to work with the Evernote iOS app and looks like a regular, lined notepad where you can jot down handwritten notes. However, it’s made with a special kind of paper that allows users to create a digital version of the page by taking a photo. The notes are then stored in your Evernote account and are fully searchable.

The Smart Notebook also includes Smart Stickers, which feature custom tags that will help the app organize your notes by category. You can place the stickers next to your notes and, when you take a snapshot of page, the Evernote app will recognize the sticker and sort them accordingly in the app.

The Evernote Smart Notebook will be available on October 1 and will cost $30 for the large size and $25 for the pocket-size notebook.

Here’s the company’s video about the new offering:

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