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Exclusive: HTC One Headed to Verizon, Too

It looks like HTC’s One really will be the one flagship for the Taiwanese phone maker.

When HTC announced the phone last month, it said the One would be sold at AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. A mention of Verizon was noticeably absent.

However, Verizon will also carry the high-end Android device, according to a source familiar with the situation. Its launch at Verizon, though, will trail the other U.S. carriers by a month or two as it winds its way through the testing process.

HTC and Verizon representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The eventual launch at Verizon means that all four major carriers will be carrying the One, allowing the product to fulfill a key objective for the struggling phone maker.

When HTC announced the first One models in 2012, the goal was to create a single flagship line that would help define HTC’s image in the minds of consumers. The first One series, though, was actually three distinct phones — the One X, One V and One S.

What’s more, Sprint and Verizon opted to carry their own high-end HTC models rather than any of the three Ones.

This year, though, HTC has managed to get all four carriers to support the One. That should help the company, which is seeking to boost its visibility and better compete against high-end rivals, particularly Apple and Samsung.

HTC is not alone in having to struggle to get mobile operators on board with carrying the same flagship models. Samsung made a host of Galaxy models before convincing carriers to go with essentially the same Galaxy S3 last year.

Having the same model at all the carriers could help HTC get more bang for its marketing bucks, as it can focus the bulk of its efforts on a single product.

And it will need every bit of that budget to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which is slated to be unveiled Thursday at a glitzy launch in Manhattan.

The once high-flying Taiwanese phone maker has been struggling mightily in recent months. The company has seen its market share slip even as it continues to produce well-regarded phones.

The company has said it plans to speak with a louder voice this year as it tries to regain lost ground.

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