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Introducing Livefyre Commenting at AllThingsD

AllThingsD is changing its commenting system on our site to Livefyre from Disqus.

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We did so for a lot of reasons, including being able to offer a social layer to our comments that has been dormant until now.

Through this new commenting system, readers can:

  • more readily share comments to Facebook and Twitter (or choose not to)
  • follow conversations across multiple platforms
  • tag friends and draw them into the stream
  • accurately flag other comments as spam or offensive

As part of the change, users will have the option to sign in to comment using their Twitter, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn credentials, or you can create a user ID specific to AllThingsD.

And don’t worry, the comments left on the site since it launched are being imported into this new system and should still be entirely accessible. If you don’t see posts you’ve made or comments in a thread you’ve been following, give it a little time and they will appear. In other words, no pixels were harmed in the making of this move — except the troll ones.

On the back end, Livefyre will be working to reduce spam before you have to see it, as well as making it easier and faster for us to moderate the comments that you want to see (and excise the ones all of us don’t).

Although we have done everything in our power to minimize any hiccups in the process of installing Livefyre, all changes come with bumps in the road. Ideally, you will not really notice the new interface and only see a new ease in commenting.

Still, we fully expect you to have an opinion about the switch, so, as always, feel free to comment. Just keep in mind that, new commenting software or not, we still actively monitor our comment threads.

In short:

  • Play nice. Rude, derogatory, defamatory stuff? Not here.
  • While we welcome criticism as well as praise, we don’t tolerate baseless attacks.
  • If your comments create a hostile environment, they’re outta there.

We have a delete button and we’re not afraid to use it.

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