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Six Cool Apps You Need to See From D: Dive Into Mobile (Video)

At this week’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference, we were feeling particularly app-happy, as one might expect at a mobile-phone-focused event.

But the apps showcased as part of our App Marketplace weren’t your average location-based-layered-photo-sharing, “like Instagram-for-pets” apps, as far as features go.

CellScope, which will officially launch later this year, was the most interesting of the bunch. It turns your iPhone into an otoscope — the device doctors stick into your ear to diagnose ear infections — with the help of an attachable speculum., which last year introduced an app of the same name, gave us a first look at Wisdom. This new product offers easy A/B testing for app developers looking to get feedback on design changes before they take the plunge and redo their apps. Then there was Fresh Paint, a Windows 8 app that makes Bob Rosses (“happy little clouds”) out of all of us — but instead of a palette, you’re using a tablet.

Zappar lets anyone create an augmented-reality “skin” over physical objects: Point your phone at a poker chip, or a photo of a band, and it will cue a video clip or other media. GoBank wants to make banking entirely mobile, and Lulu has created a ladies-only app in which women are supposed to rate the men they know and alert each other to bad eggs.

And those were just a handful of the app companies that were there. This video from the conference offers a quick glimpse of what some of these apps can do:

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