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Meeker: 500 Million Photos Shared Per Day and That’s on Track to Double in 12 Months

In case you hadn’t noticed, people are taking a whole lot of photos.

And it’s getting worse. Unless you are, say, Flickr, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. In which case it is getting much, much better.

As part of her cavalcade of slides on Wednesday, Mary Meeker noted that people are now sharing 500 million photos each day and that number is poised to double year on year.

“It looks like we are going to double in 2013,” Meeker said. “The major driver of that is Snapchat, but Instagram and Facebook are also rising nicely.”

Extrapolating, I think that means that by 2020 smartphone owners will be doing nothing but taking and uploading photos.

In any case, it explains a lot of things, including why Facebook was happy to spend a billion dollars on Instagram and why Yahoo is betting big on Flickr. The company that owns a user’s photos is likely to have a huge server bill, but also own a big piece of a customer’s loyalty.

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