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T-Mobile CEO Says More Apple Products Coming

T-Mobile CEO John Legere says that it is the company’s message, not the arrival of the iPhone, that is behind a recent surge in new customers.

In an interview after the company’s second-quarter earnings announcement, Legere noted that T-Mobile’s customer growth was not only the company’s best in recent memory, but that it outpaced all of its larger rivals.

“The postpaid phone net adds for T-Mobile exceeded those of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon (added) together,” Legere said. “To me, that’s one of the strongest statements you can make about a quarter.”

Plus, he said, the company’s most recent efforts are improving things further. Last quarter, T-Mobile was getting more than three customers moving their number from AT&T and Sprint for every two that were leaving. Since launching its zero-money-down offer, it is now porting in two customers for every one that is leaving for those two rivals.

Also doing well, says Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert, is the company’s Jump program, which allows customers who pay $10 a month to upgrade their phone as often as twice a year.

Sievert told AllThingsD that 700,000 customers have signed up for the program since it was announced last month.

“We are rapidly on the march to one million,” Sievert said.

Legere said it is a good sign that the iPhone is only a portion of the company’s sales growth, accounting for just 21 percent of smartphone sales last quarter.

“I think it’s a healthy percentage,” Legere said.

That said, Legere looks forward to more business with Apple, including carrying products beyond the iPhone.

“I think there’s a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying,” Legere said. “We will expand what we offer from them.”

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