This is a section of the All Things Digital Website featuring posts from around the Web, from other Dow Jones properties and also original pieces we solicit. As part of our Voices section, Must-Reads is explicitly labeled that it comes “from other Websites.”

We are fully aware of the controversies around how linking and aggregating is done on the Web and we in no way are attempting to “scrape” original content created by others. Instead, regarding third-party posts, we are trying to point readers of this site to other posts from around the Web that we admire, and are trying to do so in the quickest and most transparent manner possible.

The Internet is full of terrific content that is not ours and we want to help our readers find it by making editorial suggestions —Look, Mom, no algorithm! — of posts we think are worth their time.

As part of the relaunch and expansion of our Voices section, we’ve renamed our daily compendium of outside stories from Voices to Must-Reads From Other Websites to clarify the nature and origin of the links. While we don’t expect that everyone will agree with our policies, we have made changes that reflect our intent in pointing to content outside our site.

So here is exactly what we do:

We link directly to the post’s original site from the headline on the front page of All Things Digital, the archive of Must-Reads in our Voices section, and everywhere the links appear on the site. We no longer feature any part of the post or include any internal links.

We fully identify the site the author is writing for, to make sure readers are aware that this is not written for our site. We take attributions from the originating site, but if we have made an error or it is incomplete, we will make sure it is corrected as soon as we are informed of any problems.

We use pictures of the authors from their sites and, if one is not available, we use generic male and female icons, to minimize any confusion that the piece was written for our site.

All content for Must-Reads is selected by, and/or solicited by, the editors of All Things Digital.

If you do not want your pieces selected for our Must-Reads section, please let us know immediately and we will refrain from pointing to any of your work. We will also, on request from an author or site, remove past posts, if so requested.

Regarding original material, we are open to proposals at any time. If you have an idea for an original Voices post, please send it, in the form of a short paragraph, to Include a second short paragraph describing yourself and your relevant credentials.

If we like it, we may invite you to submit the full post, and consider publishing it. However, we lack the staff and time to acknowledge such proposals or to engage in a debate or discussion about their suitability. You will only hear from us if we are interested.

We reserve the right to edit the original posts we publish in Voices, but all legal responsibility for their content rests solely with their authors.

We do not make editing changes to posts from other Websites we point to except to add ticker symbols when appropriate. We obviously claim no copyright over any content that is not original to our site.

We welcome and feedback about Voices at