What’s all this fuss about cookies?

Some advertisers and Web analytics firms used on this site (and many others) may place “tracking cookies” on your computer. We are telling you about them right upfront, and we want you to know how to get rid of them if you like. For a more complete explanation of our philosophy on this, and for info on different methods for getting rid of them, see our Cookies Policy.

What’s with all the ethics stuff everywhere? Isn’t that a little defensive?

In this age of suspicion of the media, we don’t think so. As such, we want to display our individual ethics statements prominently. You can find them on each of the individual blogs and blog entries for each author. In addition, we all adhere to Dow Jones’s Code of Conduct.

Why do I have to register to comment?

We welcome and invite comments on our site, but we want to set as high a standard for the tenor of discussion here as we maintain for our own work. Everyone who wishes to comment will have to register, and every comment will be signed with the commenter’s full registered name. For more on this, please see our Comments Policy.

If I register with you, will my information be sold to a third party?

No. Your information may be used for internal purposes, but unless you specifically opt in to having your personally identifiable information shared with a company that is not affiliated with us, it stays with us. For a more complete take on this, with all of the legal details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Why did my comments not show up/get nuked? Is it because I disagree with Mossberg, Swisher, Paczkowski, Kafka, Boehret, Fried, Gannes, Hesseldahl, Goode, Isaac, or Cha?

If your comment didn’t show up, that’s a problem. Please send an email to webmaster@allthingsd.com. If your comment got taken down, it’s not because you may have disagreed with any of us. We disagree with one another on a daily basis, and we invite you to do so as well. It may have been because of the tone or content of your comment. For more details about our standards and rules about this, please see our Comments Policy.

How do I advertise with you?

Please make an inquiry by emailing advertising@allthingsd.com.

I’m having trouble getting the videos to play.

Make sure that your system meets the minimum systems requirements for displaying video, then email us at video@allthingsd.com.

Can I sign up for the D conference on this site?

Registration for the D: All Things Digital conference is handled through the conference’s Web site, which can be accessed here. The conference is only open to about 500 people a year, but we hope that with this free Web site, the conversation will be open to everyone.

Can I get a writer to write about my company or take a pitch for a demo of my product?

We get hundreds of email pitches a week. If you think any of us may be interested in something we don’t know about, please use the contact information found on the individual blogs. We can’t promise that anything will come of it, though.

How do I get to write a Voices guest blog for the site?

We usually approach our guest bloggers ourselves, but if you have something compelling to say, and you want to tell us about it, please follow the instructions here.

There’s material (video/text/photos) on this site that violates my copyright/belongs to me. Whom do I contact to get it taken down?

If you believe that any material on our site violates your copyright, please send an email to Senior Editor John Murrell at jmurrell@allthingsd.com.