Tapjoy Plans More Interactive “Rich Media” Ads

Another stab at making mobile ads more engaging.

Does Facebook Have a Retargeting Problem?

Or is it a retargeting opportunity?


Ad Networks Bypass iPhone Privacy Rules

Mobile ad networks are using new techniques to target iPhone users by circumventing Apple Inc.’s earlier efforts to protect user privacy.


Myspace in Privacy-Policy Settlement With FTC

Social-networking service Myspace settled allegations by the Federal Trade Commission that it misled millions of users about its sharing of personal information with advertisers, the FTC said.


Content Is No Longer King

“Content is king” has been a long-lived mantra of media. And in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was true.

Newfangled Aggregator Trapit Hires an Old-Timer: Yahoo Editor Liz Lufkin

The start-up says it uses artificial intelligence to sort out the best Web news stories for you. But it wants a human to help out, anyway.

Ex-PopCap Developer Looking for New Ways to Monetize Mobile Games

One of PopCap’s lead developers is starting a company that has come up with a new way to make money using incentives in free mobile apps.

Now on iTunes, for Free: A Show You Can’t Watch on Fox for a Couple Weeks

Fox usually wants you to watch its shows on your TV, not your PC. But for now, it’s happy to let you watch Zooey Deschanel and her pals on “New Girl.”

AT&T Subsidiary Creates AdMob Competitor That Is Local

A subsidiary of AT&T known best for its yellow-pages products is launching a mobile ad network that will go head to head against Apple’s iAd and Google’s AdMob.


Advertisers Wary of Myspace

With its traffic plummeting and its future uncertain, social-media and entertainment site Myspace is having an increasingly hard time drawing advertisers, especially for long-term deals.

Exclusive: Meebo Raises $25M More