Why DreamWorks’ AwesomenessTV Deal Paid Off Big for Hollywood Agency UTA

Hollywood has been trying to figure out Web video for a long time. They got this one right.
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Hey, AOL Content Makers! Meet Your New Boss, Susan Lyne — And Start Thinking About Video, Right Now.

And if you’re wondering what “brand” means at AOL, the company’s new Brand Group CEO is happy to explain.

Former CBS Exec Lurie Joins Former Yahoo Levinsohn at Guggenheim Digital Media

What does two deal makers and a pile of investment dough equal?

Former Yahoo Boss Ross Levinsohn Has a New Gig, and a Digital M&A War Chest

Guggenheim Partners opens up a new digital fund, and gets a veteran digital dealmaker and operator to run the show.

Google Says Forced “Sharing” Is a Bug, Not a Feature

No, you don’t have to spam that AdWeek story to your pals before you read it. But somebody’s gotta pay something for this stuff, someday.

Nobody Rides for Free

We need to ask how do we regulate the Internet? You can’t have a market without property rights. The idea that you’ll have no enforcement should be greeted with laughter. I’m not seeing any alternative come out.

Robert Levine, author of “Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back,” in conversation with Katy Bachman of Adweek

Rupert Murdoch Expert Michael Wolff Knows Nothing About Baseball. Just Ask Him! (Video)

In which the BBC gets very, very confused, to great comic effect. Watch!

A Video Guaranteed to Not Stop Music Pirates

The music piracy horse left the barn about 10 years ago. But if the music labels really wanted to try to get it back, Gilbert Gottfried rants probably aren’t the way to go.

News Byte

Latest NBC Cancellation: Google Ad Partnership

Google’s rocky efforts to extend its online advertising prowess into old media hit another big bump with confirmation today that NBC Universal was pulling out of a two-year-old partnership under which Google brokered ad sales for some of its cable networks. Sources tell Adweek that neither the networks nor the advertisers were bowled over by the service or the results.

Here's a Story About Rupert Murdoch, the New York Post and Michael Wolff

One thing that journalists hate more than getting scooped: Getting scooped on stories they already know about. Just ask News Corp. employee Keith Kelly.

Here Comes the Google Ad Exchange

How to Kill the Rest of Your Friday