DOT to Consider Ban on In-Flight Calls

The Department of Transportation said Thursday it will look at banning in-flight phone calls, a surprise announcement issued just hours before the Federal Communications Commission planned to discuss lifting its own ban on such calls.


How Airlines Mine Personal Data In-Flight

One day soon, frequent fliers should expect flight attendants to know their birthdays, how they like their coffee, and what they’re likely to buy on board.

Gogo Adds Talking and Texting Capabilities, but U.S. Fliers Won’t Be Making Voice Calls Any Time Soon

The service uses a custom app for iPhones and Android devices to allow calls and texts.


Startup Keeps Africa’s Jet Set Aloft

The lack of quick, affordable connections is starting to squeeze Africa’s expanding economy. In response, more executives and rich Africans are turning to pricey business jets.


Southwest Offers Free In-Flight TV in Partnership With Dish Network

Southwest Airlines Co. is offering free live television to fliers’ smartphones, tablets and laptops under a partnership with Dish Network Corp.


Wi-Fi at Takeoff? Expect Delays.

U.S. airline passengers, eager to be able to start using electronic devices throughout their flights, have months to wait until new rules are hammered out.


FAA to Relax Rules for Gadgets in Flight

Airline passengers irritated at having to turn off their devices could soon see some reprieve, with regulators set to allow wider use of gadgets in flight.


Internet Service on Planes: FCC to Consider Using Satellite Airwaves

In-flight Internet speeds could rival those on the ground under a proposal expected to move forward on Thursday.

Windows 8 Tablets for Cabin Attendants? Surely You Can’t Be Serious.

A win for Microsoft — and for standardization.


FAA to Study Policies on Portable Electronic Devices

The Federal Aviation Administration unveiled plans to study current policies and procedures regarding the in-flight use of portable electronic devices to determine if air carriers can allow for their more widespread use.

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