A Gold Rush Hits Wireless Spectrum

The U.S. government’s first major auction of wireless airwaves since 2008 has speculators panning for gold.


FCC Will Delay Spectrum Auction Until 2015

The Federal Communications Commission said Friday it has delayed until 2015 the timeline for a planned reverse auction of TV airwaves, a decision that reflects the commission’s intent on getting the complex proceeding right.

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Looks Assured of More Spectrum as No Other Big Names Enter Auction

The absence of a big-name bidder to rival Ergen seemed a likely outcome after Sprint announced last month that it wouldn’t bid on the so-called H Block of spectrum.


Wi-Fi Fight Pits Car Makers Against Cable Companies

The auto and cable industries are in a jam over a lane of wireless spectrum.

ATD on the Airwaves: Uber, Samsung’s Smartwatch and Signor Mossberg

Get ready for our close-up!


Pentagon Offers Compromise on Spectrum Sought by Wireless Carriers

The Defense Department has offered to compromise with wireless carriers in a fight over valuable spectrum now used for purposes like training pilots in the Pentagon’s drone program.


Ergen Bids $2 Billion for LightSquared Spectrum

Satellite mogul Charlie Ergen bid $2 billion for certain spectrum from LightSquared Inc., the wireless venture spearheaded by financier Philip Falcone that is currently navigating bankruptcy proceedings, said people familiar with the offer.


Obama to Name Wheeler to Head FCC

President Barack Obama is expected to soon nominate a former top lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries to lead the Federal Communications Commission, two people familiar with the matter said.


Verizon Wireless Pursues Clearwire Spectrum

Verizon Wireless has offered to pay up to $1.5 billion to buy spectrum leases from Clearwire Corp., people familiar with the matter said.


AT&T, Verizon Control of Airwaves Challenged

AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. shouldn’t be allowed to box out smaller wireless carriers from picking up some of the nation’s prime airwaves, the Justice Department told federal regulators Friday.