It’s Magical

Nothing says, ‘I love the Earth!’ quite like bringing bulldozers into an old-growth forest to create a fake ruined castle.

Alexis Madrigal, writing in The Atlantic about the site of Sean Parker’s wedding, an unpermitted scenic construction project in a redwood grove in Big Sur which resulted in $2.5 million in penalties

When Page Views Are Not Unique

Readers may click through your slideshow, but they’ll hate you a liiitttle bit more than they did when they got to the site. And I bet they’ll feel the same way about whatever advertiser was unlucky enough to get stuck on the page with some stupid thing that a reporter did with a little bit of hate in his heart and fingertips.

— The Atlantic magazine reporter Alexis Madrigal, in a story called “The Pernicious Myth That Slideshows Drive ‘Traffic'”

Telling iPad Stories

It’s funny that people think iPad stories generate ad revenue for media companies. That’s not how it works.

— The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, via Twitter

Not Your Mother’s 1995 Ford Escort

The site is like a 1995 Ford Escort with a 500-horsepower advertising engine under the hood.

Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, describing the Drudge Report in an article entitled “Drudge Report Looks Old-School, but Its Ad Targeting Is State-of-the-Art”

Google’s Plans to Promote Google+ in Search Get a Poor Reception

Some Internet thought leaders are none too happy about Google’s announcement today that it will prominently feature Google+ posts and users in search results.

Facebook Steps Up Security After Tunisian Hacks

Facebook is rolling out to all its users the security features it added to stop the Tunisian government from accessing citizens’ passwords.