Apple: Samsung Case About More Than Money (But We’ll Take the Money)

Apple says the case is about more than patents and money, but it is glad that a jury attached a cost to Samsung’s patent infringement.

Jury: Samsung Owes Apple Another $290 Million

The verdict is the result of a partial retrial of last year’s landmark case in which a jury found Samsung liable for infringing multiple Apple patents

Samsung Seeks to Have Current Apple Case Put on Hold Following Patent Office Action

Even as the jury weighs the amount of damages to award, Samsung filed an emergency motion on Tuesday seeking to put its current case with Apple on hold.

Samsung Says Apple Is Trying to Patent Pretty Phones and Shouldn’t Get More Than Another $52 Million

Apple and Samsung are making their final case to a jury in a partial retrial of last year’s patent infringement case.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: Apple Makes Case for Why It Deserves $379 Million More From Samsung

It’s closing arguments time in the Apple-Samsung retrial in San Jose, with Apple up first. The jury should get the case later Tuesday.

Men in Black Suits II: Apple-Samsung Retrial Suffers From Sequel’s Curse

The first go-around featured spilled secrets and uncertainty, but even with a similar cast of characters, the current retrial on damages has none of the drama and intrigue.

Judge to Samsung: Tell Me Again Why I Shouldn’t Sanction You

It appears Samsung’s lawyers did improperly share their rival’s business information that was supposed to be kept from their clients.

Why Is My Phone Giving Me Amber Alerts, What Bezos Should Do With the WaPo (And Other Tech Mysteries Demystified)

AllThingsD staffers took to the airwaves this week to explain the mobile Emergency Alert System, Jeff Bezos’s purchase of the Washington Post and other trending topics in tech.

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Apple Says Damages Ruling in Samsung Case Is Off by $85 Million

Apple thinks it may have found an $85 million error in the ruling that carved $450.5 million from the $1 billion in damages it won against Samsung last year. In a new filing in its patent infringement case against Samsung, Apple argues that two devices for which damages were vacated were actually rightfully subject to the original $1 billion verdict. It asks U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to reconsider her post-trial ruling and reinstate $85.3 million that a jury awarded it for patent violations related to Samsung’s Galaxy S II and Infuse 4G.